Surrounded by Armies?


In a further step toward the fulfillment of Christ’s prophecy of Luke 21:20, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, in separate talks with German Defense Minister Rudolph Scharping and Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, has called for an international monitoring mission to oversee the latest Middle East peace initiative.

At a news conference in mid-July, following these discussions, Annan declared, “I think Germany and the international community have a role to play. I think the European Union has a very dynamic role to play.”

Shortly after this, U.S. President George W. Bush visited the pope. Although the subject of their discussions is secret, it is believed that the president was seeking papal support for the Mitchell Plan, a U.S.-sponsored, EU-engineered and cia-influenced proposal, which is destined to reduce Israel’s sovereignty by opening the way for foreign troops to be imposed on its precious land. Israel is on the back foot. The EU, papacy, liberal socialist media and certain quisling Israelis are all stacked against them. The Palestinians have world opinion heavily on their side.

Israeli author Barry Chamish has long maintained that the present deputy leader of Israel, Shimon Peres, the Vatican and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat have colluded since the Madrid peace talks to impose a “final solution” on Israel which is to the advantage of the Palestinians, the Catholic Church and the European Union.

It is interesting to note the depth of involvement that the cia has had with the Vatican in the time of Pope John Paul ii. It was the Vatican, in collusion with the cia, supported by the well-placed spy network of West Germany, which brought about the separation of Poland from the former Soviet Union via the Polish solidarity movement which they largely funded and directed. That simply became the thin end of the wedge which ended with the collapse of the ussr and the freeing of Russia’s Eastern European satellite nations to be drawn into Europe’s net.

It is thus not surprising that we see the same combination working in tandem to impose a “final solution” on Israel, by drawing it into the EU net.

Watch for Jerusalem soon being surrounded by “international monitors.” This will soon after lead to the fulfillment of Christ’s prophecy: the Holy City being surrounded by armies.