Advertisement: Christ Suffered … But Why?


Perhaps you know why He died. But do you know why He Suffered?

Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of the Christ has gotten a lot of people talking about the suffering of Jesus Christ. “This is the most violent film I have ever seen,” wrote film critic Roger Ebert. Many Christians have embraced the film’s unflinching portrayal of Christ’s brutal scourging as being an accurate depiction of the price He paid to ransom us from our sins.

But is that really true? Was it really necessary for Jesus Christ to be treated worse than a wild animal, subjected to such unimaginably cruel torture, to free us from spiritual sin? The Bible does say He had to die in order to reconcile us to God. But the question remains, why did Jesus Christ suffer so horribly before dying?

There was a vital, almost universally overlooked and ignored reason for Christ’s scourging! The correct scriptural understanding of this inspiring truth is revealed in our free booklet The Plain Truth About Healing. Request your free copy today!