Health Laws


Sleep, exercise, healthy diet—reminds me of a wonderful little booklet (now out of print) that was first produced in 1955. Based on biblical laws of health (and common sense), The Seven Laws of Radiant Health offers a number of practical health tips we could all benefit from. To paraphrase, here are the seven laws:

1 Healthy food and water

Few realize how literally true the old saying is: We are what we eat. There are a couple of principles to remember with respect to eating. First, as much as possible, consume food that has not been corrupted by processing. Second, eat whole and natural foods—food that, if left out over time, would spoil. As for drink, consume lots of water. It’s one of the “greatest aids to eliminating body poisons and keeping the entire system clean.” Above all, strive for well-balanced eating lifestyle.

2 Cleanliness and dress

According to the booklet, “Keeping your person, your clothes, and your living quarters clean will not only aid in promoting vigorous health, but will tend to keep your thoughts on a higher level of productivity and accomplishment.”

3 Sunshine and fresh air

Spend lots of time outdoors. Without oxygen, we would die within minutes. That, in itself, underscores the importance of fresh air. We need lots of it—not just enough to sustain life—but enough to add color to our complexion, improve posture and fill us with the energy needed to lead active, energetic and vibrant lives.

4 Exercise

As noted in the study above, it doesn’t take much for the overall quality of life to improve—sometimes dramatically. Regular exercise—even if only vigorous walks—will increase oxygen intake (especially if outdoors), improve efficiency of the heart and lungs and stimulate blood flow throughout the body. It also will help you sleep better at night.

5 Sleep and rest

As it says in the booklet, “Nothing will take the place of regular sleep and rest in its recuperative effects on the human body.” The average adult body needs about 8 hours of sleep per night. A short period of rest during the day can also be invigorating. Our Creator understands well the importance of regular rest for mortal man. He even went so far as to set apart an entire day each week for man to rest from all his labor. Yet how many people lower their quality of living (and perhaps even shorten their lifespan) by ignoring God’s Sabbath command and depriving themselves of refreshing sleep each night?

6 Avoiding bodily injury

Think ahead and consider the end result of your actions. Careless and reckless living can destroy our bodies. And we’re not just talking about taking unnecessary physical risks at work or in recreation. Vices like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption will injure the human body as well.

7 Positive mental attitude

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones” (Proverbs 17:22). And, “Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith” (Proverbs 15:17). Many common physical ailments like headaches, indigestion, ulcers, nervousness and tension can result from a negative mental perspective. Do your best to overcome negative thinking—strife, fear, anxiety: These do adversely affect physical health. Putting all the above laws into action, of course, will help you build the kind of positive mental attitude you desire!