Who’s your daddy?

Britain’s National Health Service (nhs) announced a one-time $130,000 grant to a sperm bank based at Birmingham Women’s Hospital on August 1. The new sperm bank, National Gamete Donation Trust (ngdt), will cater to both nhs patients and private clients.

Heterosexual couples will be able to use this service, but a large percentage of the clientele is anticipated to be professional, single women—women who want to start a family without having a relationship with a man—women who want children without a father.

The sperm bank will cater “designer sperm,” allowing women to chose sperm based on the donor’s height, age, ethnicity, skin tone, eye color, hair color and even his education and occupation.

The nhs aid makes obtaining sperm more affordable and keeps recipients from searching for donors online, which are considered more risky. The average visit will cost $500, almost a third of the average private rate of $1,425.

In most cases, no matter which donor “designer babies” come from, they will be missing a father figure. That is nothing to worry about, according to Ms. Witjens, ceo of ngdt.

Many leaders and experts claim that a traditional father is unnecessary, that fatherlessness isn’t a problem, and that any “family” arrangement will suffice. But the truth they cover up is that families without a father will cost the nation far more than the $130,000 spent by nhs. The delinquency rate of children from single-parent homes is 10 to 15 percent higher than from two-parent homes. More than 80 percent of youth involved in homicide come from single-parent homes or broken families. You cannot simply eliminate the father figure and think society will function properly.

Of course there are exceptions, but take a look at society and you can see the importance of the father’s role in the home. By aiding clients in their search for sperm, the nhs is accelerating the decline of society by assaulting the role of the father in the family.

Divorcing? Throw a party!

In years past, divorce was a subject associated with shame, regret and remorse. Those times have vanished: In 2014, divorce is not only rampant, it is celebrated.

According to journalist Martin Zabell, divorce parties are the new trend. Newly divided families happily get together with respective friends to have “freedom parties,” go out to dinner, go skydiving or some other exciting activity.

Practitioners say divorce parties are intended to make the separation easier. They are meant to help the children, if any, cope with the idea of Mom and Dad splitting up. It is to celebrate moving forward by yourself. To top it all off, you get gifts to replace what you lost in the divorce. Give the kids cake and ice cream, and hopefully they will forget about the family breakdown.

“It’s part of life, and yet it’s the only major event for which we have no ritual,” Christine Gallagher said, owner of an event company in Los Angeles, The Divorce Party Planner.

Many divorcing parents console themselves with a belief that divorce repercussions on their children can be minimized if the couple maintains a good relationship after the separation. But according to a 2005 poll, even a “good divorce” causes psychological trauma to children with effects that last into adulthood.

Divorce is being glorified in Western society, but when families fall apart, the nation soon follows. Strong families are the backbone of a strong nation. Ancient Rome is an example of what will happen to a nation with rampant family breakdown. Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote, “Rome in its heyday was affluent and had the mightiest army on Earth, just like America today. Back then, when people talked about Rome falling, they were scoffed at and scorned. When Seneca, the famous Roman, warned that Rome would fall—even telling people why it would fall—the people ignored him. In the words of Seneca, one of the foundational reasons Rome would fall was the fact that ‘they divorce in order to remarry. They marry in order to divorce’” (March 2009).

When couples are divorcing, marriages are falling apart and children are suffering psychologically, the path the nation is traveling is clear. Even as divorcees celebrate their divorce, America will suffer the consequences.