Don’t Just Sit There!

Don’t Just Sit There!

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God made us to move.
From the August 2014 Trumpet Print Edition

What are you doing right now? You’re probably engaged in a highly dangerous activity: Sitting!

If you’re like the average American, you sit at breakfast, you sit in the car, you sit in class or the office, you sit at lunch, you sit at dinner and you sit in front of the television—for a total of 14.5 hours every day!

“This is your body on chairs: Electrical activity in the muscles drops—‘the muscles go as silent as those of a dead horse,’ … leading to a cascade of harmful metabolic effects. Your calorie-burning rate immediately plunges to about one per minute, a third of what it would be if you got up and walked. Insulin effectiveness drops within a single day, and the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes rises. So does the risk of being obese. The enzymes responsible for breaking down lipids and triglycerides—for ‘vacuuming up fat out of the bloodstream’ … plunge, which in turn causes the levels of good (hdl) cholesterol to fall” (“Is Sitting a Lethal Activity?” New York Times, April 14, 2011).

Why is sitting so harmful? When you don’t use your muscles, they don’t contract. When muscles don’t contract, they don’t use as much fuel (blood sugar). Extra blood sugar accumulates in your bloodstream, which boosts your risk for diabetes and other diseases. Sitting also squishes your organs together so they don’t function as well.

That Times article cited a study where researchers looked at 14 young, fit, thin volunteers. After only 24 hours of being sedentary, their bodies’ ability to uptake glucose dropped 40 percent. Sitting also leads to back soreness, constipation and other problems.

Gretchen Reynolds, another New York Times writer, highlighted another study on the effects of sitting: “[T]hose who sat the most had a 112 percent increase in their relative risk of developing diabetes; a 147 percent increase in their risk for cardiovascular disease; and a 49 percent greater risk of dying prematurely—even if they regularly exercised” (The First 20 Minutes; emphasis added).

God made us to move. Physically, He designed our bodies to walk, lift, climb, run, jump, work. Even mentally and spiritually, God wants us to be active! Stagnating always causes problems.

So many people don’t want to think or work—they just want to sit! Sit in class; sit on the job, if they can; sit on the couch and zone out. The average American somehow manages to sit and watch nearly seven hours of tv every day. He is letting his body and his mind just shut down. Mayo Clinic researcher Dr. James Levine believes that inertia “sickens more than just our body,” it sickens our mind (op. cit.).

Just as our human nature wants to take it easy and have a seat physically, it also tends to pull us in that direction mentally and spiritually. God expects us to fight that tendency! Otherwise, we’ll suffer the mental and spiritual corollaries of those negative physical effects of the sluggish, sit-on-your-rear lifestyle.

The Christian life is one of driving yourself, challenging yourself, remaining active in personal development, improvement, study, education.

Thomas Edison said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

“He that gathereth in summer is a wise son: but he that sleepeth in harvest is a son that causeth shame” (Proverbs 10:5). Young people: Keep busy. Don’t limit yourself to a spoon-fed education—handouts, worksheets, grades, teachers—seven hours a day, five days a week, from August to May. Gather experiences and education to keep active. Set goals, plan and go after your own life-long education.

The same is true of those of us no longer in school. We have to set our own curriculum to ensure we’re still stimulating our minds! Be active in study. Digest high-quality books—even lectures. (It’s amazing what education is available on the Internet and in your local community—much of it for free.) Exploit contacts. Travel. Most important, think about what you hear and read. Keep active in order to avoid the mental equivalents of diabetes, disease and obesity!

“Lazy people want much but get little, but those who work hard will prosper” (Proverbs 13:4; New Living Translation). “[S]uccess is accomplishment. It is doing,” educator Herbert W. Armstrong wrote. “They say any old dead fish can float downstream, but it takes a live one to swim up. An inactive person will not accomplish. Accomplishment is doing. … The fourth success law, then, is drive! Half-hearted effort might carry one a little way toward his goal, but it will never get him far enough to reach it” (The Seven Laws of Success).

How much drive do you have? How do you use your hours outside of work or school? How much “me time” do you reward yourself with to relax and do nothing? Are you physically and mentally sitting your life away?

Push yourself forward! If you just sit around and allow your mind and body to shut down, you are basically just dying slowly—physically, mentally and spiritually. Sitting is lethal! Stagnating and wasting your time is lethal. Be diligent! Don’t be a dead horse or an old dead fish. Get up and do!

God wants all of us to be “redeeming the time, for the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:16). He made us to move. Get active—physically, mentally and spiritually!

The Dark Side of the Pope’s Visit to Jerusalem

The Dark Side of the Pope’s Visit to Jerusalem

Amos Ben Gershom - GPO /Getty Images

Politicians and the media were mesmerized by Pope Francis’s peaceful-looking gestures. Almost nobody recognized the extremely provocative nature of his trip!
From the August 2014 Trumpet Print Edition

One of the most prophetic events of 2014 happened in late May. It was Pope Francis’s visit to Jerusalem, May 24 through 26. The news media failed to recognize its significance. Though most people are unaware of it, this visit was extremely momentous. It shed light on the future of Europe and of the world, and showed us where we are in Bible prophecy.

The pope’s visit took place amid some very disturbing acts of anti-Semitism in Europe. The day he arrived, four people, two of them Jews, were shot to death in a museum in Brussels. Hours later, two brothers were beaten badly as they left a synagogue in Paris. And these attacks came just after European Parliament elections, when Europeans alarmed people by electing many far-right members and even some neo-Nazis.

Some commentators talked about these elections in terms of the Fourth Reich. In Germany, the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party won 1 percent of the vote and will send a man who called Adolf Hitler “a great man” to the European Parliament. France elected the daughter of a convicted Holocaust denier and racist, even though many feel that she thinks very much like her father.

Israeli Knesset member Dov Lipman warned, “Make no mistake about it. There is a direct connection between the way European leaders speak about Israel and the rise in anti-Semitism.”

On May 26, the World Jewish Congress released this statement about Europe’s rising political extremism as revealed in the election results: “The future of European Jewry is at stake.” You can read more about this trend in our article “What 79 Million Europeans Think of Jews.”

During his visit to Israel, the pope addressed the murders and said he was sorry that things like this are happening. The Times of Israel also said he also discussed the elections. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said these events are happening because of noxious anti-Jewish sentiments and statements spreading all over Europe. Many Jewish leaders are expressing shock and rage because of this trend in Europe.

People looking only at the surface would view the pope’s visit as a sign of his support of Israel. But if you look closely at what the pope said and did in Jerusalem, you can see how, in reality, he is much more closely connected with the anti-Jewish attitudes simmering in Europe!

What Is the Vatican?

Here is something Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in an October 1951 Plain Truth article titled, “The Pope Plans to Move the Vatican.” I hope you’ll read it closely because it is profound. Under the subhead “The Great Unrecognized Dictatorship,” the article said, “How many have realized these staggering facts: The oldest political dictatorship on Earth is the Vatican! The Roman Catholic Church is far more than a religion. It is also politically a world power. … And how many people know that the real objective of the Catholic political power is precisely the same as the goals of communism and fascism—to gain dominance, control and rule over the whole world! … Of course it is generally known that most nations send ambassadors to the Vatican, and papal ambassadors are established in most world capitals. But it has not been generally grasped that this Roman system is much more than a church—it is a state, called in the Encyclopedia Britannica an Ecclesiastical World Empire—it is a political dictatorship—it is a world power whose influence in many respects outweighs that of any nation on Earth” (emphasis mine throughout).

The Vatican is a dictatorship. It is literally a state, with political interests, foreign policy, sovereign independence, recognition under international law, official relations, diplomatic immunity, administrative departments, ambassadors, a central bank, a capital, a very centralized government—and a man who dictates.

How many people really understand that? How many Catholics understand that? The Vatican governs 1.2 billion Catholics around the world, and it influences millions of other people, as well as national governments.

I’m not here saying anythingabout, or against, Catholic people, either in the United States or elsewhere,” Mr. Armstrong continued. “Nor am I here saying anything about the Catholic religion, save that it is pagan, cloaking the original Chaldean mysteries in the garb of Christianity, falsely so labeled, and deceiving its own adherents, who are quite often sincere and devout, with its sense-appealing pomp, ceremony, mysticism and superstition.

“But what I am here concerned with is Catholic political power—the papacy as a world power, a dictatorship, bent on conquering and ruling the world!”

Where does the Vatican have its strongest power? Europe. And that is where the perfect storm of anti-Jewish sentiment is brewing.

What the Pope Did in Jerusalem

The pope did not fly straight to Israel for his visit to the Middle East. Instead, he flew to Jordan on May 24. He spent most of the next day in the Palestinian territories. It is significant that he visited the Palestinians first. And it was there that he made the most eye-catching and significant move of his visit to the Holy Land.

Nine facts about the Pope’s visit to Jerusalem

In between scheduled engagements, the pope ordered his motorcade to make an unexpected stop in Bethlehem. He got out of his popemobile and made his way to a section of Israel’s security wall. This is an often-photographed section of the wall with heavy graffiti that compares Palestinian Bethlehem to the Jewish Warsaw ghetto. Near a spot where someone had very recently sprayed “Free Palestine,” the pope touched the wall and began to pray. Of course, cameras were everywhere capturing that moment.

Why would the pope want to have a photo op there? These are images that will be shown from now on when people talk about the Jews and the Palestinians. This man took the eyes of the world and put them on this wall with “Free Palestine” graffiti.

The Jews had invited Pope Francis to Jerusalem. They were hoping he would use his power of symbolism to create a big photo op at their holiest site, the Wailing Wall. But it was this security wall outside Bethlehem that got all the publicity.

Why is this wall, which the Palestinians and the pope hate so much, even there? Britain’s liberal Guardian newspaper described it this way: “Built by Israel as a so-called security fence … [i]t has become an emblem of the Israeli occupation.” So-called? The government built this fence to limit the ability of Palestinian weapons smugglers and suicide bombers to travel into Jewish population centers! Palestinians and everyone else are still free to move about—they just have to pass through a checkpoint so Israelis have a better chance to stop someone from walking onto a bus full of innocent people and blowing them up!

“Reasonable people disagree about the contribution the security fence makes to the security of the Israelis,” Caroline Glick wrote in the Jerusalem Post on May 28. “But no one can reasonably doubt that it was built to protect Israelis from Palestinian terrorist murderers. And Francis ought to know this. Francis’s decision to hold a photo op at the security barrier was an act of extreme hostility against Israel and the Jewish people.” That is exactly right! Yet almost nobody criticized Francis for this provocative act.

Why would the Guardian and other news media label it a “so-called security fence”? What is its purpose, if not security? Well, it must be there to just pen those poor Palestinians in—like Nazis penning the Jews in the ghettos! Forget the fact that Palestinians are repeatedly attacking unarmed Jewish citizens.

And why call it “an emblem of the Israeli occupation”? What do they mean occupation? The Arabs came at the Jews and tried to destroy them in 1967. Israel fought back and conquered some of their land—but to the Guardian, the Israelis are “occupiers.”

“Surrounded by Palestinian children,” the Guardian wrote, “Francis’s progress towards the concrete barrier was followed carefully by photographers and television cameras as well as Israeli soldiers revealed in silhouette at the window of a nearby watchtower. ‘I know all about this,’ he is reported to have told one Palestinian official.” The Vatican spokesman said the pope planned this move the day before. I wouldn’t doubt that he planned it long before that.

This has nothing to do with religion, with Catholic doctrine or the Catholic people. But it has everything to do with political dictatorship! The pope knows how to use symbolism, and this is the symbol he created to show the world. It did not happen by accident! He created a photo op at that place for all it symbolized—a “symbol of division,” the Guardian calls it. That implies that it is a symbol of the Nazi spirit, with the Jews as Nazis.

The fact is, the pope wanted the world to see this image. Forget about what happened in World War ii, he is saying. Isn’t he implying that the Jews are the Nazis today? Many people will think so. Look around Europe: Many Europeans are starting to believe that about the Jews!

Prime Minister Netanyahu was troubled by the stop. “According to the prime minister’s office, Netanyahu said he ‘explained to the pope that building the security fence prevented many more victims [of] Palestinian terror, which continues today,’” the Washington Post reported. “A Vatican spokesman conceded that ‘some had difficulty understanding his act at the wall yesterday’” (May 26).

Francis clearly favors the Arabs, and he is projecting a distorted view of the Jews in the Middle East.

What Else Did Francis Do in Jerusalem?

On his trip to Bethlehem with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, the pope made a prepared statement referring to “the state of Palestine,” and to Abbas’s office as the “presidential palace.” He also called Mahmoud Abbas “a man of peace and a peacemaker.”

Abbas is chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization and head of the Fatah political party. He recently created a Palestinian unity government with Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization. Hamas is undisputedly engaged in terrorism against Jews as a way of life! Yet the pope apparently sees no problem with Abbas allying with this bloody group—calling him “a man of peace and a peacemaker.”

During Sunday mass on his trip, Pope Francis prayed with Fouad Twal, a Palestinian archbishop who serves as the Catholic Church’s Latin patriarch of Jerusalem. “In his sermon, Twal accused Israelis of being the present-day version of Christ-killers by referring to the Palestinians as walking in the footsteps of the divine child, and likening the Israelis to King Herod. In his words, ‘We are not yet done with the present-day Herods who fear peace more than war, and who are prepared to continue killing’” (Glick, op. cit.).

What did the pope do after hearing these violent and outrageous words? Not only did he not condemn them, he added to them! “Who are we as we stand before the child Jesus? Who are we standing as we are before today’s children?” the pope asked. “Are we like Mary and Joseph, who welcomed Jesus and cared for Him with the love of a father and a mother? Or are we like Herod, who wanted to eliminate Him?”

Apparently the pope really believes the Jews are “present-day Herods … who are prepared to continue killing”!

And remember, this was at a Sunday mass! Most in the media and politicians must think it’s all right for the world’s most visible religious leader to make such vile statements!

At best this is gutter politics!

On top of that, “Francis embraced the Palestinian mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein. Departing from his scripted remarks which called for the pope to refer to the mufti and his associates as ‘dear friends,’ Francis called them his ‘dear brothers’” (ibid).

Who is this Sheikh Muhammad Hussein? “In 2012 Hussein said it was the destiny of Muslims to kill Jews, who he claims are sub-human beasts, and the enemies of Allah. He has also praised suicide bombers and said their souls tell us to follow in their path. Francis didn’t condemn him” (ibid). Such people are the pope’s “dear brothers”?

The pope—whom so many millions view as a peaceful, religious man—didn’t condemn any of this when he was right there among these people so full of hate. He only increased their stature. Is he really looking for peace?

How could a man with normal human affection cozy up to people whose greatest passion is to wipe the Jews off of the map? That is what a political dictator with fearsome power can do. Everyone, including the Jews, is too intimidated to speak out against the pope and the Vatican.

Why aren’t more journalists digging into the truth? Ninety-nine percent of them don’t even get into these questions!

The pope’s words and actions on this Jerusalem visit are a dark sign for the future of Europe and the world.

Fraudulent Gestures

The pope knows how to keep the media on his side though. He used his mastery of symbolism to divert criticism. Later in his visit, he prayed at the Wailing Wall, put a wreath at the grave of the founder of Zionism, and visited a memorial to victims of Palestinian terrorist attacks (but only after the Israelis requested that he add this unscheduled event to his itinerary to try to counterbalance what he had done in Bethlehem).

Pope Francis also spent 45 minutes at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial, where there were six Holocaust survivors. One by one he took the hands of these elderly people and kissed them.

Israelis applauded the pope for these gestures—even though he had just visited the wall that slows Palestinians down from trying to destroy the Jews! Even though he praised Palestinian leaders who have proclaimed that they do not want peace, and do not recognize Israel’s right to even exist. He called Palestinians, who are working toward another Jewish holocaust, “dear brothers”! Where is the goodness and the love of God in that?

Here is what Francis wrote in the Yad Vashem guest book: “With shame for what man, who was created in the image of God, was able to do. With shame for the fact that man made himself the owner of evil. With shame that man made himself into God and sacrificed his brothers. Never again!! Never again!! Francis.”

He also said, “Never again, Lord, never again. Here we are, Lord, shamed by what man created in your own image and likeness was capable of doing.”

Free e-book: The Pope, the Vatican, the Holocaust

Francis blamed the Holocaust on “man.” But the real culprit was the Nazis. The Nazis were responsible for the deaths of 6 million Jews and 60 million people total in World War ii. And there is a mountain of evidence showing thatthe Vatican was complicitin that colossal Holocaust!

One Catholic author received access to Vatican records, and he was shocked at what he found and how anti-Semitic and hateful the Vatican was toward the Jews. It has been absolutely proved that even after the Nazis committed all these horrific crimes and then lost World War ii, it was the Vatican that helped almost all of the Nazi officers escape through the “ratlines.” For example, Adolf Eichmann, who probably killed more Jews for Adolf Hitler in World War ii than any other man, escaped to the pope’s home country of Argentina! And he did it with help from the Vatican. (We have an e-book you can download for free, proving this critical point.)

How could the pope go into Israel and not hang his head in shame for this history? Why didn’t he specify that the Vatican helped the movement that did such evil? Why didn’t he lament and repent of what his church did to cause that shame? He and the leaders of his church have never repented of what it did!

For the pope to kiss the hands of Holocaust survivors can only be viewed as a fraud! It was a symbol designed to keep people from focusing on the evil that church has been involved in.

Caroline Glick wrote, “Francis stridently condemned the anti-Jewish attacks in Brussels and Paris. And during his ceremonial visits to Yad Vashem, the Wailing Wall, and the Terror Victims Memorial, he said similarly appropriate things. But all his statements ring hollow and false in light of his actions” (op. cit.).

This is one of the greatest journalists in the Jewish state today, and perhaps one of the best in the world. She sees through what the pope did and is not afraid to speak out about it. She concluded by saying: “Israelis and Jews around the world need to be aware of what is happening. Francis is leading the Catholic Church in a distressingly anti-Jewish direction.”

This is really what should make headlines around the world! But none of the media picked it up. This world doesn’t want the truth.

Treatment of Israeli Officials

How did this man who carefully designed and stage-managed all of his symbolic moves in the Holy Land treat the prime minister of Israel? The Economist on May 28 characterized the pope’s demeanor as “standoffish.”

“In one of his blander pronouncements during the papal visit, Netanyahu mentioned on Monday that Jesus spoke Hebrew,” Glick wrote. “There was nothing incorrect about Netanyahu’s statement. Jesus was, after all, an Israeli Jew. But Francis couldn’t take the truth, so he indelicately interrupted his host, interjecting, ‘Aramaic!’ Netanyahu was probably flustered. True at the time, educated Jews spoke and wrote in Aramaic, and Jesus was educated, but the language of the people was Hebrew, and Jesus preached to the people in Hebrew. Netanyahu responded, ‘He spoke Aramaic, but He knew Hebrew’” (op. cit.).

Netanyahu ought to have reacted more strongly. But this is the pope—you just don’t do that to a dictator of his stature!

“Reuters’ write-up of the incident tried to explain away the pope’s rudeness and historical revisionism, asserting, ‘Modern-day discourse about Jesus is complicated and often political,’” Glick continued. “The report went on to delicately mention, ‘Palestinians sometimes describe Jesus as Palestinian. Israelis object to that.’

“Israelis ‘object to that’ because it is a lie.”

After discussing some success the pope has had with befriending Middle East leaders, the Associated Press reported, “The atmosphere was starkly different in Francis’s one-on-one with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has expressed anger with politicians who have reached out to Abbas at a time when the Palestinian leader is reconciling with the Islamic militant group Hamas. Israel considers Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, a terrorist group” (May 26). I would think so, since Hamas lobs missiles at Israeli cities time and time again.

The Washington Post wrote, “The pontiff had said his visit would be ‘strictly religious,’ but it was not. Francis on Sunday secured a promise from Israeli President Shimon Peres, and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, to meet with him at the Vatican next month to pray together and talk peace” (op. cit.). Francis’s invitation was unexpected, and everybody was buzzing about it. Both Peres and Abbas were eager to pray with the pope.

“‘The humility in your nature and the power in your spirit, raised a spiritual elation and a thirst for peace,’ Peres told him in a ceremony in the garden of the presidential residence. But the pope’s gesture seemed to send a powerful message to the region’s leaders not to give up, weeks after the latest round of peace talks collapsed” (Associated Press, op. cit.). The peace process has been a disaster for the Jews! Biblical prophecy describes it as a bleeding wound (Hosea 5:13—you can see proof of this in my free booklet Jerusalem in Prophecy). A prayer meeting with the pope will keep that wound flowing with blood.

Francis does not have a normal sense of repentance or even shame for what his state did. He is hostile toward the Jews. Where does that hostility come from? Why is he siding with people who want to put the Jews through another Holocaust? Why does he call those people his brothers?

Remember History

Symbolism—like the pope’s photo op in Bethlehem, or his warm gestures toward Abbas, Twal and Hussein—is one of the Vatican’s greatest tools. Why? Because of people’s ignorance. If people had the perceptiveness of Caroline Glick, for example—or if they just remembered history—there is no way the pope could get away with promoting Palestinian propaganda! Outside of terrorists and others who want to murder Jews, everyone else would scoff and jeer!

Look back in history. The fact remains that in the Middle Ages the Catholic Church killed about 50 million people in an Inquisition. That is the extreme to which it will go to increase its power. And it will do everything it can to blot out that history.

Look at the horrors the Vatican-guided “Holy” Roman Empire has committed throughout the ages. The Bible literally gives you a picture of it. God is the greatest and most masterful user of symbols, and He depicts the Holy Roman Empire very appropriately: as a beast—a great monster like you’ve never seen before! A political-military beast guided by a political-religious beast. That Holy Roman Empire is about to burst on the world scene, led by Germany and the Vatican.

This beast is ridden and guided by a woman. “With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication” (Revelation 17:2). God uses these symbols to describe an entity that has intoxicating power over people around the world because it has had relations with the political leaders of many nations. In the Bible, God uses a woman to represent a church. This woman is very powerful. “[A]nd I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, mystery, babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth” (verses 3-5).

The Bible is not silent about such a great and unique political power like the Catholic Church. Daniel 7:8 records a vision God gave that describes the history of the Roman Empire and how it became the “Holy” Roman Empire: “I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things” (Daniel 7:8). This little horn—a great false church—plucked up the Heruli, the Vandals and the Ostrogoths from ruling Rome. Then it proceeded to dominate multiple resurrections of the Roman Empire over a matter of centuries—all the way down to today!

God prophesied that this church-state combine would be resurrected seven times: “And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space” (Revelation 17:10). When that verse was revealed to Mr. Armstrong around World War ii, five resurrections had come and gone; the sixth was on the scene. Now, the last one is upon us!

Historically speaking, since a.d. 554 this empire, through its secular agents, has routinelykilled people who don’t submit to its power, shedding more blood than any other church could even begin to do! Why? Not because of its doctrines or its people—but because it had political dictators who were out to control the world! Yet it has never repented of that evil. And according to prophecy, the seventh and final resurrection of that empire will be the very worst! Even as it talks about peace, that Holy Roman Empire is coming again!

Was this trip to Jerusalem about the Catholic people the pope rules over? Was it about the Catholic religion? No, it was about a political dictator who wants to rule the world.

Another Church

Revelation 6:9-11 also talk about a time coming in the near future when this beast will kill God’s own people. This dictator will kill people who refuse to follow him and who follow God instead.

This beastly power is at work, and it is going to guide the destruction of the Jewish nation, which gives it such honor today. And it is going to destroy the rest of the modern descendants of Israel, particularly the United States and Britain.

Why would God let this evil empire do this? God says He actually puts it in their minds—because of Israel’s abominations (Revelation 17:17). God says the modern nations of Israel (the English-speaking nations, primarily), which had a history with Him, are committing such abominations that they must be punished! And He will use this beastly power to do just that.

Read more: Germany and the Holy Roman Empire

Ezekiel 16 uses the symbol of a prostitute to represent our sin-drenched nations. Our nations are so full of sin that God sends this destroying machine of church and state to wreak the worst suffering and destruction ever on the modern nations of Israel.

God gives us one more symbol though—one of hope. “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars” (Revelation 12:1). Who is this? This is not a world-political-power church. This is God’s true Church. He says His people are clothed with the sun and have the moon as their footstool and a crown of 12 stars. That means they have all the power of God, the Creator of the universe, behind them. He gives this Church unstoppable power—if it obeys Him and exposes what Satan is doing. God’s true Church declares God’s warning about the abject evils our nations are committing that are bringing them down. It also declares His warning about the Holy Roman Empire that is going to leave us in its bloody trail. (For more information, request our free booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire.)

“And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered” (verse 2). This is the Church Christ was born into. Verse 3 reveals “another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads” (verse 3). Satan is the head of every single one of the resurrections of the Holy Roman Empire, which worshiped him.

Verse 5 says that Christ is “to rule all nations with a rod of iron.” God is going to rule the world!That is where these epic and catastrophic events are leading!

“Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time” (verse 12). This is terrible news: Satan has been cast down to Earth and is stirring up abominations and horrible sins inside the modern nations of Israel and around the world. He is stirring up his political-religious dictator. He is stirring up his beast power.

But he only has a short time—because Jesus Christ is coming to conquer that dictator and that beast and all of mankind and the devil, and He will rule all nations with a rod of iron!

The Rise of Asia

The Rise of Asia

Gary Dorning/Trumpet

These nations have ancient histories of animosity and mistrust toward each other. But a common cause is bringing them together.
From the August 2014 Trumpet Print Edition

Together, they comprise well over one third of the world’s population. They are responsible for a third of the world’s energy production. They make up over a fifth of the world’s standing army, and almost a fifth of total global exports.

Individually, Russia, China and India tend to be dismissed by America and other Western nations as second- and third-rate powers. Together, however, they have the potential to be the fiercest force on Earth.

And recent headlines—including human history’s biggest election and its largest-ever business transaction—show that these nations are increasingly joining forces, uniting, acting as one. The ramifications for the global order are immense.

Russian-Chinese Cooperation

“This is a major change,” said Vasily Kashin, a senior research fellow at the Moscow-based Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, who spoke to the Trumpet on June 7. The change he refers to is the sudden intensification in cooperation between Russia and China. It is so “major” that it is taking many Western officials and analysts by surprise.

Evidence of the change became undeniable during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to China in late May. There, he and Chinese President Xi Jinping signed a natural gas deal worth $400 billion—the largest business transaction in human history. That same week, as if to punctuate the historic deal with an italicized exclamation mark, the navies of Russia and China conducted a massive joint drill in the East China Sea, sending a clear deterrence message to the United States. At the same time, Moscow announced that, within a year, bilateral trade between Russia and China will reach $100 billion annually—considerably earlier than anticipated. Within the same week, Russia and China vetoed a key draft United Nations resolution sending Syria to the International Criminal Court for war crimes.

All of this came just weeks after China (along with India) stunned the West by revealing that it supported Putin’s illegal takeover of the Crimean Peninsula.

These are not everyday geopolitical events, but milestone occurrences. And they are sending geopolitical fissures radiating all over the globe, redirecting global energy flows, reorienting strategic alignments, and even redrawing national borders.

Russia, China and India align.

“It would be no exaggeration if I said that the cooperation between our two countries is at its highest level in history,” Putin said on May 20. It is difficult to argue with that statement.

In this climate of unprecedented cooperation between Russia and China, some analysts are predicting the two could enter into a formal alliance, or something quite near it. Whether the close strategic cooperation culminates in a formal, anti-Western alliance or not, the significance of this trend cannot be overstated.

The seismic nature of this shift can be measured by just how much it has caught most analysts and officials off guard. Historically, the cultural dissonance between Russia and China, their conflicting interests in Central Asia, and their long history of mutual suspicion and animosity made many believe such alignment impossible (see “From Contempt to Camaraderie”). Nevertheless, it is happening.

The Elephant Enters the Tango

While Russia and China are at the heart of the congealing Asian axis, another deeply significant aspect is the decision of India to lean toward it, and away from the cooperation with the United States that has defined Delhi’s foreign policy for decades.

On May 12, following five weeks of voting and 800 million ballots cast, the largest election in the history of mankind came to an end. Its result was a landslide victory for Indian Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi. The massive win gave Modi something no ruler of India has had for over 30 years: an absolute majority in the lower house of parliament. This awarded him powers his predecessors could only have dreamed of. And indications are that he is already using those powers to steer India away from the U.S. and nearer to Russia, China and other Asian states.

Part of the reason for this realignment dates back to 2005, when America revoked Modi’s visa on grounds that he had played a role in one of India’s bloodiest episodes of religious violence. Modi responded to the Western snub by looking east. Ever since, he has been making friends and forging alliances with China, Russia, Japan and other Asian countries.

Nahendra Modi facts

The South China Morning Post explained that his win represented a bane to the U.S. and a boon for Eastern powers: “Over the years, China and Modi have invested heavily in each other and forged a bond that could have far-reaching ramifications not only for Sino-Indian relations, but also for the U.S. ‘Asia pivot’ strategy at a time when territorial disputes in the South China Sea are taking a violent turn. … Modi is also known to have an Eastern bias, with Asian nationalism forming the core of his worldview. Apart from China, that also draws him closer to Japan and Singapore, with whose leaders he has struck up a similar rapport. … Modi’s unimpeachable conservative background and open admiration for China has in the past raised hopes of him becoming a sort of Indian Richard Nixon” (May 16).

Nixon is not the only world leader Modi has been compared to. The Diplomat called him “India’s Shinzo Abe” because some of his nationalistic leanings mirror those of the Japanese prime minister. The Economic Times said many Chinese officials who have dealt with Modi “compare him to their present boss, Xi Jinping.” OneIndia News skipped to the chase, likening Modi to Asia’s big man himself; he is “India’s Putin,” the publication wrote. His heavy-handed leadership “may revive India as Putin did in Russia,” it said, “[because] Modi has similar Putin-like capability to metamorphose India into an economic and military powerhouse through a series of tough measures and steps which would help India leverage and unleash its real potential” (May 6).

Welcome, Comrade!

At the heart of the warming ties between Russia, China and India has been increasing fear of and contempt for the West, especially for a world order steered by the U.S. The sanctions Western powers have slapped on Russia have had a catalytic effect on Asian bonding.

Modi—with a worldview chiseled primarily by Asian nationalism—joins Putin, Xi and other Asian strongman leaders who have been rising to power (or consolidating power) as disdain for America intensifies and as America’s global influence fades. Modi’s fellow strongmen eagerly welcome him as the newest participant in their shared goal of ending America’s global hegemony, and shifting global power from Occident to Orient.

After his election was announced, China’s state-run Global Times wrote: “This has caused worries from the West. … The U.S. is particularly upset with the enhanced strategic cooperation among China, Russia and India” (May 5).

Ki Jinping facts

China and India continue to bicker over such issues as border disputes, bilateral trade imbalance and Beijing’s alliance with India’s Pakistani nemesis. But under Modi, these tensions will likely abate. This fall, President Xi is scheduled to visit Modi, which is expected to hasten the trend.

Russia, too, welcomes the ascension to power of its longtime Indian friend. Just after the election results were announced, Putin said he hopes he and Modi will push Russia-India ties to “new heights.” Modi replied on Twitter, saying, “I thank President Putin for his good wishes. Looking forward to making our relations with Russia even stronger in the years to come.”

India has had a near-alliance with Moscow since the early 1970s, and has for much of that time been the number one market for Russian weaponry. In April this year, just after Putin’s annexation of Crimea, India announced plans to build a $30 billion oil pipeline with Russia that runs through China’s restive Xinjiang province. If successful, the pipeline will be the most expensive in the world. “The recent unease in both the U.S. and Europe over Russian President Vladimir Putin’s … annexation of Crimea has only added to Moscow’s efforts to diversify its markets beyond Europe,” said John Daly, ceo of U.S.-Central Asia Biofuels Ltd., after the announcement.

Under Modi, the already robust Russo-Indian relationship could effloresce into something stunning.

Europe Watches Warily

Although Washington is doing its best to ignore Asia’s coalescence, European leaders see it clearly. They understand that Russia is re-orienting itself away from Europe and recognize that the unprecedented cooperation among Asian powerhouses is creating a new balance of power in the global system. Many of them also see that Putin’s desire to rebuild a Russian empire poses a great potential threat to their own nations. This is what provoked Poland’s prime minister at the end of May to say, “The world stands on the brink of conflict.”

The Europeans—especially Eastern Europeans—can see the danger in Russia’s expansionism because it is their neighbor, and they fear that one of their nations may be the next item on the bear’s menu. In a recent interview with the Trumpet, Žygimantas Pavilionis, Lithuania’s ambassador to the U.S., voiced a viewpoint shared by many Europeans: “We have to draw the line before the Russians move tanks on top of it,” he said. “If we do nothing today, we will regret it.”

Mr. Pavilionis and a growing number of Europeans see an intensifying need to withstand Russia. And many of them see that the nations of Europe won’t receive adequate help from America, and that they instead need to unite and work together.

Russia’s recent moves, according to Mr. Pavilionis, are prompting Europe to do exactly that: “Paradoxically, Putin made a big strategic mistake in invading Ukraine: It united Europe very much. It made us think more strategically, and made us consider things that we would not have a few years ago. … After what happened, and after seeing people die in the streets of Kiev in pursuit of freedom, we said Europe must enlarge and cooperate.”

At present, the European Union still moves at roughly the speed of molasses. But it is feeling the seismic shifts underway, and will respond. This response will be a sustained drive to unite Europe in order to check the rising Asian bloc.

Did Anyone See It Coming?

News of game-changing cooperation between Russia and China has become so commonplace in recent months that only the largest events—such as Beijing’s support of Putin’s landgrab in Ukraine—now receive much attention in the Western press. Most anyone with a finger resting even gently on the pulse of current events can feel the Russo-Chinese relationship rapidly congealing.

But one certain analyst predicted this development from a long way off—before almost any evidence existed.

Even during those early Cold War years, when the only interaction between the Russian bear and the Chinese dragon was bickering about which shade of red was the correct one for communism, this lone pundit said the two would lay aside their differences and enter a phase of close cooperation.

Even after the severe tensions of the 1960s culminated in bloody war, prompting Moscow and Beijing to sever relations, this maverick forecaster clung tenaciously to his prediction.

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And even after it became clear that the two Asian giants were stuck in decades of tired rivalry to see which would triumph in achieving the one “true” communism, this commentator’s forecasts only became bolder.

The analyst was Herbert W. Armstrong.

“Russia’s program … calls first for the seizure of Asia,” Mr. Armstrong’s Plain Truth magazine wrote back in December of 1959. It went on to say that China would voluntarily join a Russia-led Asian bloc as a step toward its long-term goals: “[C]hina’s … constant dream for centuries has been ultimate world conquest! … China knows, however, that in this highly industrialized age she can accomplish this dream only as an ally of Russia. … China is now ready to begin devouring the rest of Asia with Russia’s secret military backing.”

That was just one of dozens of statements Mr. Armstrong and his newsmagazine made from 1934 until his death in 1986, predicting that Russia and China would lay aside their differences to form a coalition.

At the time of Mr. Armstrong’s death in 1986, Moscow and Beijing’s relationship remained cool, but events since then—and especially just since Russia annexed Crimea—have proven that Mr. Armstrong’s unpopular and seemingly impossible forecast was actually spot on.

How could he have predicted the modern reality with such stunning accuracy? Because his primary intelligence source was one totally unlike that of other forecasters. It was the sure word of Bible prophecy. His reliance on Scripture enabled him to see truths others were blind to and to predict events from afar which are now coming to pass.

For a fascinating study of the specifics of his predictions about Asia and of the biblical passages that informed his astounding forecast, download a free copy of our new e-book The Kings of the East.

Illegal Immigrants Swamping America

Illegal Immigrants Swamping America

Getty Images

Illegal immigrants continue to pour through the United States’ southern border with Mexico. The 2014 fiscal year began October 1. From that time till May 30, border agents apprehended 39,000 adults with children. Recent figures suggest that 90,000 unaccompanied immigrant minors will sneak through the U.S-Mexico border this year.

Why this large influx of immigrants?

On June 15, 2012, U.S. President Barack Obama signed an executive order, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (daca), allowing illegal immigrants who have lived within America for at least five years to “come out of hiding” and file for work authorization without having to worry about being deported to their home countries: 600,000 illegal immigrants responded.

Earlier this month, President Obama and his administration made it possible for illegal immigrants to defer deportation for another two years. Now new arrivals are starting to believe that if President Obama will not deport the current illegal immigrants then he will not deport future ones either.

“The recent surge of children and teenagers from Central America showing up at our southern border is an administration-made disaster,” Rep. Bob Goodlatte said. “Word has gotten out around the world about President Obama’s lax immigration enforcement policies and it has encouraged more individuals to come to the United States illegally, many of whom are children from Central America.”

The huge influx of immigrants has caused one of the biggest humanitarian disasters in recent U.S history. The Department of Homeland Security (dhs) has opened up three military bases to house the immigrants.

Minors Mob U.S. border

The number of minors crossing the American border is the biggest crisis facing the dhs. Figures released by the U.S. Border Patrol show a significant increase of unaccompanied minors coming into the U.S. between 2009 and 2014. For example, in fiscal year 2009, 1,221 minors from El Salvador crossed into America. The 2014 fiscal year to June 15 has had 11,436. During this same period, Honduran minors crossing the border have increased from 968 to 15,027.

From October to June 11, the Border Patrol has apprehended 378 minors under the age of 2. These minors are causing additional trouble for the dhs. Its agents have practically become babysitters as they change diapers and make baby formula to feed these children.

Why so many children? According to Sen. Ted Cruz, “It is a direct consequence of the president’s illegal actions. The parents think, ‘If I send my child [to the U.S.], my child will have amnesty.’ That’s what the president of the U.S. has said ….”

With so many immigrants, especially minors, crossing the borders, detention centers have become overcrowded, providing an ideal environment for diseases. The sheer number of immigrants who must be processed by the system makes it impossible for dhs agents to get them screened medically before placing them in a detention room; this is accelerating the spread of disease among healthy minors.

Chicken pox, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus staph infections, scabies, and even rabies and swine flu have spread amongst the overcrowded warehouses. Border Patrol agents are also being infected while trying to look after the minors.

The projected cost to temporarily house and feed the illegal minors has risen to $2 billion this year. The dhs Office of Immigration Statistics estimates that by 2015, illegal unaccompanied minors caught coming into the U.S. will rise to 140,000.

To learn how this huge invasion of immigrants will transform America, watch Stephen Flurry’s Trumpet Daily “Illegal Immigration and the Transformation of America.”

A Life That Gets Better With Age

A Life That Gets Better With Age


Can modern education bring the utopia we’re all hoping for?
From the August 2014 Trumpet Print Edition

In a New York Times advice piece to high school graduates a few years ago, commentator David Brooks revealed his initial thoughts after being asked to give a commencement address: “I used to believe life got better as you got older, but now I realize this is untrue,” Brooks lamented. He then lambasted higher education for its woeful inadequacy—though he left unstated the possible connection between these two points.

Brooks pointed out many of the things lacking in modern education: “The most important decision any of us make is who we marry. Yet there are no courses on how to choose a spouse. … The most important talent any person can possess is the ability to make and keep friends. And yet here too there is no curriculum for this. The most important skill a person can possess is the ability to control one’s impulses. Here too, we’re pretty much on our own.

“These are all things with a provable relationship to human happiness,” Brooks wrote. “Instead, society is busy preparing us for all the decisions that have a marginal effect on human happiness” (June 10, 2009). In other words, education today specializes in training young people how to make a living, without regard to how we ought to live.

Think about that: The pillar institution of society that is meant to help us solve our problems and face the future with confidence and optimism is failing us. Brooks is one of several commentators who can readily identify the uselessness of so much of the knowledge peddled by higher education.

Despite the best efforts of our educational system, the world it is creating is far from being the utopia it promises. Not only do we still see rampant division and strife, hatred and variance, disrespect and hostility toward authority, but as Brooks suggests, the state of families, the quality of friendships, even the depth of our own emotional maturity are woefully lacking. Yet this world’s educators cling to the false hope that Christianity today can somehow make this present evil world a better place—even as today’s brutal headlines are sure to be overtaken by tomorrow’s even greater perversities and tragedies.

Make no mistake: The Christianity of the Bible definitely has all the answers to solve the mounting problems of this present evil world. But the plain truth of God’s inspired Word is that He will solve our increasing evils and violence not by repairing or fixing our present civilization, but by building an altogethernew and different world.

Literally hundreds of Bible passages describe this future utopian world. This was the focal point of Jesus Christ’s message when He came to this world 2,000 years ago. God sent His own Son to preach a gospel message—“gospel” means good news—about the Messiah returning as King of kings and Lord of lords, and setting up a world-ruling Kingdom on Earth, headquartered in Jerusalem.

How will He do it? Through overwhelming power and through right education. One of the most important tasks Jesus Christ will undertake upon His return is reeducating mankind. He will use a curriculum that relies on God’s inspired Word as the foundation for the acquisition of all knowledge.

God’s system of education in the World Tomorrow will specialize in the production of godly character—the development of the whole man, as Solomon wrote (Ecclesiastes 12:13). It will provide the indispensable, God-revealed instruction about how to live.

In fact, this wonderfully happy system has already been introduced—at Herbert W. Armstrong College. Here students are held to the highest standard of Bible-based conduct, which teaches them to control the selfish impulses of carnal human nature. The curriculum aims to prepare them for the most important career man can enter: the God-ordained institutions of marriage and family. Armstrong College students are taught to put God and His work above all else in their lives (Matthew 6:33).

Learning to live this way—even now, in the midst of this present evil world—is why our headquarters and college campus in Edmond, Oklahoma, is bustling with productive activity and joyous attitudes. Students and employees interact happily here because God’s way of life is diligently taught, promoted and actively put into practice.

We strive for an overall environment similar to what God intends for every human being to experience—a life that gets better with age!

This education overhaul will be the first step in creating a new world—a world that really is peaceful and happy. In that World Tomorrow, this wonderful system of reeducation will blossom over all the Earth as God transforms waste places and deserts into Garden-of-Eden paradises. Mankind will be joyously singing, praising God and offering thanks for His many blessings (Isaiah 51:3). Finally, all human beings will know what it’s like to experience an exhilarating life of true happiness, success and peaceful prosperity—real abundant living!

What 79 Million Europeans Think of Jews

What 79 Million Europeans Think of Jews

Claudius Prosser, Trumpet

And how this is affecting European politics—again.
From the August 2014 Trumpet Print Edition

For those who live in English-speaking nations, anti-Semitism is something rarely seen outside of history class. Perhaps they see it sometimes—from a raving drunk on a train, or in some nut’s online comment—but they’re not used to it. They think of anti-Semitism as a historical phenomenon. They know it was a problem 100 years ago, and marvel that so many ordinary people got caught up in what seems like a bizarre conspiracy theory. To them, though, it is a problem for the historian, not for the modern man.

But such thinking is wrong. And it leads to a dangerous complacency. Even in Europe, with a wealth level and society similar to that in Britain and America, the reality is very different. There, anti-Semitism is a modern problem. Radical Islam is the most obvious cause, but it is certainly not the only one.

Terrorist and Other Attacks

On May 24 in Brussels, Europe experienced one of its most violent anti-Semitic attacks in recent years. A man walked into the Jewish Museum of Belgium, pulled out an AK-47 and shot four people dead. The suspected murderer was arrested six days later. He is 29-year-old Mehdi Nemmouche, a French-born Muslim who allegedly just returned from Syria after fighting with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorist group.

Such attacks may be rare, but the beatings, intimidations and verbal abuses of Jews are so common that they don’t reach headlines.

The scale of the problem can be seen in the steady increase of Jews moving to Israel. In 2012, fewer than 2,000 Jews emigrated from France to Israel. In 2013, it was more than 3,000. Between January and March this year, nearly 1,500 left. Ariel Kandel, the head of the Jewish Agency’s French chapter, said, “If the current rhythm continues, there will be more than 5,000 French people leaving for Israel, something that has never happened since its creation in 1948.”

Kandel blamed the increase in part on Europe’s worsening economic situation—but even more on a “climate of anti-Semitism.”

Is anti-Semitism extinct?

More Than a Muslim Problem

The worst of these attacks come from radical Muslims. But they occur within societies in which minorities are allowed to develop such a murderous hatred for Jews without being confronted. After the Belgium attack, Stephen Pollard, editor of the Jewish Chronicle, wrote, “The real shock of the murder of four Jews at a Brussels museum on Saturday is … that it hasn’t happened long before” (May 27).

He warned: “For years the authorities have operated a de facto tolerance of Islamist groups on the basis that anti-terror forces will leave them alone if they leave Belgium alone. This has been toxic. The British authorities are often criticized for refusing to take seriously Islamist hate speakers, but the Belgians give these groups near-free rein to spread their poison.”

As Pollard pointed out, this takes at the very least a radical unconcern for the welfare of Jews from Belgian authorities.

“I worked in Brussels between 2001 and 2008 and found it one of the most openly racist, anti-Semitic places I have come across,” wrote Pollard. “A few months into my time there, I was out for a meal with a friend, who looks Jewish. I was asked by the waiter (who clearly didn’t think I also did) what ‘the Jew girl’ wanted. When I said that both Jews would now leave, he replied they’d only have served one Jew, anyway, not two.”

Statistics back up Pollard’s anecdotal evidence. The Anti-Defamation League (adl) published the results of a global survey of over 50,000 adults in over 100 different countries on May 13. The study concluded that 26 percent of the adult population of the world harbors anti-Semitic attitudes. That’s more than a billion adults worldwide. But in the English-speaking world, half that—13 percent—have these attitudes. In the United States, it is 9 percent; the United Kingdom, 8 percent.

In Europe, however, the rate is 24 percent. In Belgium and Germany, it is 27 percent. In France, it’s 37 percent.

The adl measured anti-Semitism by giving 11 anti-Jewish stereotypes (see a list of these statements on the bottom of this page). Those who said that at least six of the statements were “probably true” were classed as harboring anti-Semitic attitudes. That’s a robust test. It is debatable whether harboring just one of these views makes someone anti-Semitic. But it’s hard to imagine someone could agree with six of them without being anti-Semitic.

These statistics also prove conclusively that anti-Semitism is not simply a Muslim problem. Between 5 and 10 percent of France’s population is Muslim. So if every single French Muslim was anti-Semitic (a supposition that certainly is not true), Muslims would still account for less than a third of the total number of French anti-Semites.

In fact, the adl study concluded that 29 percent of Muslims in Western Europe are anti-Semitic—a rate only slightly higher than that of the general population. The study found that in Eastern Europe, Muslims are, on the whole, less anti-Semitic than the average person. Only 20 percent of them have anti-Semitic attitudes, compared to an overall prevalence of 34 percent.

European Elections

Further proof that Europe’s anti-Semitism goes beyond its Muslim community came in the European parliamentary elections in May. Voters gave surprising victories to a number of extreme parties that are anti-Semitic.

The French vote was the most dramatic. For the first time, the far-right (as it is usually referred to—though far-left would be more accurate) National Front came in first in a national election, winning 25 percent of the vote. In 2009, it held three seats in the European Parliament. It now has 24. This election also marked the worst performance ever by President François Hollande’s French Socialist Party, which won only 14 percent.

“It is hard to overstate the momentousness of what has just happened in France,” wrote the bbc’s Paris correspondent Hugh Schofield. “A party that just two or three years ago was regarded as not just contemptible, but untouchable, has won a national election” (May 26).

National Front founder Jean-Marie Le Pen is an extremist who was convicted for Holocaust denial. His daughter, Marine Le Pen, has tried to rebrand the party. But, as United Kingdom Independence Party (ukip) leader Nigel Farage put it, “anti-Semitism and general prejudice remains in the dna of the party.” Supporters of Le Pen the elder have not left the party, and his daughter’s changes seem to be more style than substance.

Evidence of this fact came early this year when the National Front won the leadership of several French towns. The party announced that Jewish and Muslim schoolchildren would not be offered an alternative meal if pork was served—they must either eat the pork or go without. That incident sums up the National Front. Its members are not Nazis, but they’re not very friendly toward Jews either. It is also reminiscent of the 1930s, when restaurants banned Jews by refusing entry to those with “dietary requirements.”

Nazis in Parliament

Meanwhile, actual Nazis will be taking up seats in the European Parliament. In Germany, the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (npd) won a seat in the European Parliament for the first time. The seat will go to Udo Voigt, who has called Hitler a “great man,” encouraged voters to rise up in “armed combat,” and demanded that “German lands” taken after World War ii be returned.

The success of the npd does not come because of any surge in popularity—it received only 1 percent of the vote—but instead because the German Constitutional Court recently changed Germany’s EU election laws. Previously, parties had to win at least 3 percent of the vote to get a seat in the European Parliament. Now there is no threshold.

Greece is the other country sending neo-Nazis to the European Parliament. There, the Golden Dawn party won 10 percent of the vote, making it Greece’s third-most popular party. Six of its leaders are currently in jail, and 18 of its politicians are under investigation and could face criminal charges. The Anti-Defamation League’s poll found Greece to be the most anti-Semitic country in Europe, where a shocking 69 percent harbor anti-Semitic views. Here, 53 percent agreed that “Jews don’t care what happens to anyone but their own kind,” and 38 percent agreed that “Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars.”

Cause for Jews’ Concern

In Austria, the far-right Freedom Party won just under 20 percent of the vote in the European Parliament elections. The strength of Austria’s far right in earlier elections caused an Israeli foreign official to warn: “We are very concerned over the rise to power of people who promote hatred of foreigners and Holocaust denial, and befriend neo-Nazis. We see it as a disturbing development and are following the matter very closely.”

In Hungary, Jobbik was the second-most popular party, with more than 14 percent of the vote. This was, in fact, a step back—it won 20 percent in Hungary’s parliamentary elections on April 6. The party denies that anti-Semitism is part of its platform; however, it seems to be prevalent among its top members. In 2012, Jobbik’s deputy parliamentary leader, Márton Gyöngyösi, said that Israel’s brief conflict with Hamas in Gaza meant that it is “timely to tally up people of Jewish ancestry who live here, especially in the Hungarian Parliament and the Hungarian government, who, indeed, pose a national security risk to Hungary.”

Last year, the party publicly railed against the World Jewish Congress in Budapest, saying it was protesting against “a Jewish attempt to buy up Hungary.”

These are only the extreme parties. Other, more mainstream ones have tried to outlaw circumcision or prevent Jews from killing their animals in the manner prescribed by the Old Testament. Still others promote a distorted view of Israel—painting the Jews as modern-day Nazis and terrorist groups like Hamas as innocent victims.

Israeli and Jewish organizations are concerned. Efraim Zuroff, the Israel director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, warned that these elections could be “the beginning of a new and very dangerous era in which openly fascist and anti-Semitic parties might attain entry into government coalitions, which would significantly change the current constellation of political power in such a way that could seriously jeopardize the future of European Jewish communities.”

The head of the Central Board of Greek Jewish Communities, Benjamin Albalas, said, “A great number of European citizens seem to have forgotten what happened during the Holocaust and World War ii. Racism and anti-Semitism are again hitting Europe.”

It is important to note that these criticisms do not apply to all the non-mainstream parties who made large gains in the European Parliament election. Some, for example, have tried to tarnish Britain’s ukip with the same brush as these other parties. That is wrong. There is no evidence that anti-Semitism is more prevalent in ukip than in Britain’s other major parties.

The Danger for Israel

The irony is that in the short term, the rise of these extreme parties will probably benefit Europe’s Jews. These groups are already pushing Europe’s mainstream parties to crack down on radical Islam—the source of the most violent anti-Semitic attacks.

And all of these parties are forced to hide their anti-Semitism. They get accused of making anti-Semitism cartoons or jokes—not of saying that they want to gas all the Jews. Public anti-Semitism is considered beyond the pale, though the adl’s study indicates that in private, it is much more common.

But this does not mean European Jews have no reason for concern.

These anti-Semitic parties have been sprouting up in the countries that have been hit the worst by Europe’s economic crisis. In Greece, brand-new or previously insignificant parties now play major roles. The neo-Nazi Golden Dawn does shockingly well. Meanwhile, the Panhellenic Socialist Movement, which has dominated Greek politics since the 1970s, wins only 8 percent of the vote. Its support has collapsed completely since Greece received its disastrous bailouts.

In the 2009 European Parliament elections, Spain’s top two parties, the Popular Party and the Socialist Party, won over 80 percent of the vote. This time, the two parties received less than 50 percent. The upstart left-wing Podemos party—meaning “we can”—formed only two months earlier, yet managed to win 8 percent of the vote.

It’s an atmosphere reminiscent of the 1930s, when extreme parties started receiving small but significant shares of the vote. This made it hard for the major parties to form a government, forcing them to create messy, ineffective left-right coalitions. As you would expect, these coalitions were useless, meaning more voters drifted to the extreme groups.

The political crisis of the 1930s was caused by an economic collapse. We are seeing the same process today. Europe’s financial crisis has rocked its political structure. That structure has not fallen, but it has developed some major cracks. And that crisis is not over; though currently in remission, its fundamental causes have not been addressed. Europe’s traditional political system is struggling. How will it survive when conditions get even worse?

When this economic crisis resumes in earnest, Europe’s anti-Semitism is sure to take off. The tide of anti-Semitism that flooded the planet during the 1930s is rising again. If we understand history, we can know that this torrent of hate and violence, when it reaches its high-water mark and finally overflows its banks, will not only engulf the Jews and the Jewish state, but will also spill over and swamp entire nations and regions.

In fact, biblical prophecy shows that it will engulf the planet! Two prophecies in particular, one in Hosea 5, the other in Zechariah 14, indicate anti-Semitism—manifested in hatred for the Jewish state and a desire to purge Jews from Jerusalem—will play a central role in end-time events. Thankfully, these events are prophesied to immediately precede the return of Jesus Christ to this Earth! His government will finally put a stop to all racial prejudice (Acts 10:34).

The storms of the current crisis have now uncovered important traces of European anti-Semitism, like a long-hidden ancient ruin. The signs show that there is much more just beneath the surface. All it will take is another storm.