U.S. Election: Hope and Despair

The country is divided over how to view the Bush victory. Both sides are right—and wrong.

The United States elections this year cost a record $4 billion—about a billion dollars more than the 2000 elections. Was it worth it? Well, that depends on your point of view.

Conservatives, who generally champion traditional family values and esteem leadership with moral backbone, are elated. The Republican victories in the White House and Congress inspire hope in the hearts and minds of millions of voters. Many hope their government will curb the decadent decline of our modern society. They hope their government will support efforts to halt the spread of same-sex marriages. They hope the president will have the opportunity to nominate judges to the Supreme Court who, when confirmed, will overturn the infamous 1973 decision (Roe v. Wade) that legalized abortion. They hope their government will provide a moral compass for moral change that will usher in an era of tranquility.

On the other hand, those more concerned with the economic preservation of their homeland are deeply bothered by the results. They envision a continuation of policies that threaten the economic stability of their great nation. They foresee the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer while the middle class gets squeezed out of the picture with nobody to look after the poor—a recipe for class conflict. They fear that ballooning budget deficits, burgeoning trade deficits, social security shortfalls, lackluster job growth and stagnation of wage income will only get worse.

The U.S. is heavily reliant on foreign investors and central banks to subsidize its deficits. In August, foreign private investors sold $2 billion more U.S. government bonds than they bought and dumped $4 billion more in stocks than they purchased. Then, at a September 9 auction of government bonds, indirect bidders (including foreign governments) purchased only 3 percent of the bonds issued (normally they acquire almost half). These are omens of what lies ahead.

Without steady foreign financing, the U.S. would have to drastically cut expenses and raise taxes. Or, it would have to substantially raise interest rates to continue to attract foreign investors. Either way, the standard of living would plunge. Since hostilities against the U.S. could contribute to foreign capital flight, the predominantly economy-minded voters are despondent with the outcome of the election because they blame the president and his administration for the opposition the U.S. faces in the world. Now they figure it will only get worse.

Both sides are passionate about their beliefs and views. That’s one of the tragedies of the November elections—that divisions between Americans have been sharpened. The United States of America is rather disunited—the Republican “red states” clashing with the Democratic “blue states”; urban against rural; and those perceived to be morally high-minded vehemently opposed to the morally depleted. Battle lines have formed and strategies to foil the other side’s agenda are already taking shape.

Truth be told, both sides have legitimate apprehensions, although both sides have misdiagnosed the real cause of America’s woes. The root cause of our troubles relates to who we are and what we have failed to do.

America is descended from the so-called lost 10 tribes of Israel! We are brothers with Britain and the modern State of Israel. You can prove this to yourself by requesting our free book The United States and Britain in Prophecy. Britain and America, like the Jews of Israel, have a history with God! Britain became a great commonwealth of nations and America became the greatest nation on Earth because God ordained that it be so (Genesis 35:11). But we have despised our heritage and abdicated our responsibilities. We refuse to obey God.

Regardless of our political persuasion or to which side we claim allegiance, God warns that the whole nation of America is spiritually sick—from head to toe. Therefore, God is withdrawing His blessings and protection. That is the real reason for the mounting troubles in America. God is warning us to repent—to change our ways. If we don’t, our national problems will continue to increase. Then the blame rhetoric from both sides will become more heated and pronounced than ever before. Unity will be ever more elusive. Division will lead to ruin. “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand” said Jesus (Matthew 12:25).

Meanwhile, while we jostle and position ourselves to quash the “other side,” terrorists passionately pursue their goal—to kill as many Americans as possible, regardless of political affiliation, moral standing or anything else. God wants to save us from terror. But most will not heed the warning. Will you?

God revealed to Daniel that in the last days, He would set up a literal worldwide government that would replace all of the Earth’s governments! (Daniel 2:44). Short of national repentance, the only pragmatic solution for America’s ills—indeed the world’s—is a global government that enforces God’s way of life for the good of all people! Everyone will be on the same side. That is our last hope—and it’s coming soon! God promises that any individual who really repents will have a leadership position in that government (Revelation 2:26). Elections will be historical curiosities of a bygone era—God will appoint the rulers. You can be one of them, if you properly prepare by yielding to God and His way of life now.

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