Why Europe Matters


The world is being rocked by a political earthquake, and Americans don’t care.

On May 1, the 15-member European Union exploded to 25 nations. In population, the EU is now the world’s biggest single market. It accounts for 18 percent of world trade and over a quarter of the world’s gross domestic product. 455 million people claim citizenship in this unprecedented political experiment—50 percent more than in America.

This event was barely acknowledged in America’s mainstream media.

What do you know about Europe? In a Gallup poll in June, 77 percent of Americans admitted they know “very little” or “nothing at all” about the EU. Little wonder: America’s news coverage obsesses over domestic politics and the Middle East. But events in Europe are towering in significance—and all the more so because America is ignoring them. Europe is uniting at lightning speed! True—it faces earthshaking challenges ahead and may appear unsteady. But we urge our readers to recognize the revolutionary nature of its direction and momentum and

to grasp the reality of the future world it is working to create.

In this issue, we give you the plain truth about what is happening—why it is happening—where it is leading—and how, within a short time, Europe is destined to change life as we know it.