EU Keeps Arms Embargo in Place Against Syrian Rebels

European Union leaders agreed on Friday that they will maintain their weapons embargo against Syria’s rebels. The decision came in spite of requests from Britain and France. Both countries have pressured the EU to lift its embargo so that they can send weapons to rebels fighting against Syrian President Bashar Assad.

In spite of the decision, British Prime Minister David Cameron said that his government has not ruled out its options for helping the opposition.

“Britain is a sovereign country, we have our own foreign security and defense policies. If we want to take individual actions we think that is in our national interest, of course we are free to do so.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned Britain and France against operating outside of EU channels. She warned them to be “very careful” of going against Germany’s wishes.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned last Wednesday that Moscow considers arming Syria’s rebels a breach of international law. Although Russia continues to support the Assad regime, that support has softened over recent months. Coupled with the fact that Berlin is keeping weapons out of the hands of Syrian rebels, this may indicate that Russia and Germany are reaching an agreement on Syria.

Bible prophecy predicts the end result of Syria’s ongoing war: a Syrian government that will distance itself from Iran and ally with Europe instead. As the Syrian conflict grinds on, pay special attention to German-Russian relations. For more information, read “Russia and Europe Moving Toward a Deal on Syria?” and “A Mysterious Prophecy.”