What Can I Do?


The spiritual intent of the Seventh Commandment covers much more than adultery. Pornography, for example, gets an individual’s mind off loving his or her spouse, or future spouse, and breaks this commandment. Pornography is innately selfish, and its sole purpose is lustful self-gratification. It is also highly addictive.

How does an individual who is struggling with this sex addiction overcome it? Christ gave the solution in Matthew 5:27-30: If you have a problem with pornography on the Internet and cannot control it, you should cut it off. Cancel your Internet connection. Throw the computer away.

If you have sinned in this area, you must overcome and put it behind you. King David committed adultery, but he repented, changed and put it behind him. Psalm 101:3 shows the attitude you must take: Set no wicked thing before your eyes. Verse 4 says, “A froward heart shall depart from me ….” Froward means a twisted, distorted, perverse heart or mind.

Get God’s viewpoint toward lust. He absolutely hates it! And He absolutely loves you. If you cry out to God for help to flee from sex sins—of all kinds—He will give you the power to be free of them forever!