French Assembly Passes Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Bill

France’s lower house of parliament approved a bill on Tuesday to legalize homosexual “marriage” and allow same-sex couples to adopt children. The French National Assembly approved the measure in a 329-to-229 vote.

France’s upper house must also approve the bill, and it is expected to do so in April. Both houses of the legislature are controlled by Socialists and their allies. If the bill becomes law, by spring France will join about a dozen other nations that allow same-sex “marriage.”

Several hundred activists gathered outside the National Assembly in Paris on Tuesday evening to protest the bill, which is called “Marriage for All.” Most French support legalizing homosexual “marriage,” but fewer do so when children are involved.

In recent months, the Catholic Church has spoken out against same-sex “marriage.” In November, the Vatican said it would never stop fighting attempts to “erase” heterosexual marriage. Referring to homosexual “marriage,” Pope Benedict xvi said in December that Western society is in a “crisis that threatens it to its foundations.”

Watch for the Catholic Church to use disagreement over this issue as an opportunity to draw in massive amounts of believers. For more on this subject, read “The Power of Religion.”