Herbert W. Armstrong Toured Adolf Hitler’s Nuremberg Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Herbert W. Armstrong Toured Adolf Hitler’s Nuremberg Nazi Party Rally Grounds


The World Tomorrow TV crew filmed segments for international broadcast.

Herbert W. Armstrong arrived in Munich from Israel on Thursday, May 16 1985. Two days prior, while in Jerusalem, he made the last edits to what would be his final and finest book, Mystery of the Ages.

On May 17 while in Germany, Mr. Armstrong met with former emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and respected EU parliamentarian Otto von Habsburg, who had brought with him his youngest son, Georg, a Munich university law student at the time. The two had met previously at Ambassador College in Pasadena and also in the Belgian capital, Brussels. The majority of the 90-minute meeting was recorded by the World Tomorrow television crew and incorporated into a special program later that year.

“On the Sabbath, Mr. Armstrong spoke to over 530 brethren from all over the German-speaking area in the Cherubim Hall of Munich’s Hotel Vierjahreszeiten. He began by commenting on the Church choir’s special music ‘Let There Be Peace on Earth,’ then proceeded to give a very encouraging sermon reassuring us that we have the truth and that world peace will come soon. Mr. Armstrong also whetted everyone’s appetite by outlining for us his new book, Mystery of the Ages. The German audience was also thrilled to hear him speak a few words of German he had learned some 70 years ago” (Pastor Generals Report, July 7, 1985).

From 1927 through 1939, the nsdap, or Nazi Party, held its rallies in an 11-square-mile area of Nuremberg. After 1933, these events were titled the National Congress of the Party of the German People, whose purpose was to focus on Adolf Hitler, purportedly chosen by design from above to cleanse Europe of its Jews and establish a thousand-year Teutonic Reich. The thronged masses numbering up to 150,000 witnessed their Führer’s fiery tirades, pledged loyalty and paraded before their leader. The rallies served as powerful propaganda not only within Germany, but also via film and audio as a witness to the world of Deutschland’s mighty power.

This trip to Nuremberg in May would impact members of the Worldwide Church of God during their annual Feast of Tabernacles observance in late September. The convention was the largest and longest running conference of its type and was observed by over 100,000 people at 92 sites spanning 50 countries. During his last Feast of Tabernacles, Mr. Armstrong approved a segment of the Behind the Work film to center upon the prophesied final resurrection of the medieval Holy Roman Empire (Daniel 2, 8, 11; Isaiah 47; Revelation 13, 17-19).

The two-hour video production culminated with approximately seven of the final ten minutes devoted to video of Hitler’s famed rallies in Nuremberg. As the pictures rolled, the venerated voice of The World Tomorrow, Art Gilmore, narrated, “His Third Reich was soon to lunge out at Europe and hold it captive for five nightmare years.

“Hitler drew inspiration from ancient Rome; even his architecture was inspired by the styles of the caesars. Before this ninth fearsome horn of the empire had been crushed in the ruins of racism and the Third Reich, much of Europe had been reduced to rubble.”

As the video footage captured that May 19 in Nuremberg played, Mr. Gilmore continued, “Forty years later there is little left to remind the visitors of the ravages of war. The place where Hitler once goaded his people into frenzy is now a park where old people stroll and children play.”

“Close by, the review stand at Zeppelin field, where the legions of the Third Reich paraded before their Führer, is now in ruins,” listeners heard, while video of Mr. Armstrong visiting this site played for the thousands of viewers gathered at festival sites worldwide.

The production concluded by reminding the membership—which supported, to the tune of over $200 million per year, the mass circulation Plain Truth magazine as it peaked at over 8 million subscribers, the World Tomorrow program broadcast on over 400 stations, Ambassador College and the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation—that one final resurrection of this Holy Roman Empire, a combine of church and state, would arise to rule and thereafter be reduced to abject ruins by the returning Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords (Daniel 2:44; Revelation 17:14; 19:16).

The past 27 years of fulfilled prophecy, as declared by Mr. Armstrong beginning in January 1934, have seen the fall of the Berlin Wall resulting in the reunification of Germany, collapse of the ussr and rapid advancement of the European Union. These irrefutable prophecies of your Bible and documented facts of history enabled our editor in chief to declare on Jan. 1, 2010, that the final resurrection of this empire had begun!

As regular readers are aware, we have warned and encouraged our readers to watch for a powerhouse, domineering Germany to continue calling the shots in the euro crisis; to watch for that nation to soon weary of the bloc’s weaker nations, including anti-EU Britain; to watch for the sudden rise of a German-centric, Vatican-guided, streamlined United States of Europe to replace today’s cumbersome 27-nation EU; and to watch for that powerful European empire to have the stamp of the making and design of both Rome and Berlin etched deeply into its core. For vivid detail of this assured prophecy, request your free copy of Gerald Flurry’s compelling booklet Nahum: Prophecy for Germany.

Germany Trains for Desert Warfare

Germany Trains for Desert Warfare


The German Air Force completed two major training exercises in the United Arab Emirates (uae) last month, as it draws closer to its Middle Eastern allies and gains operation experience in the region.

Nearly 40 German Air Force personnel participated in the “Common Sky 2012” exercises—a simulated defense against a Middle Eastern aggressor. Held from December 9 to December 20, the exercises also involved a similar number of personnel from the uae .

The maneuvers were a thinly disguised attack on Iran. In the scenario, a friendly Gulf nation is attacked, and Germany rushes to the rescue. The maneuvers focused on these two nations working together against the common enemy.

The second exercise was the Advanced Tactical Leadership Course, held from November 18 to December 13. Here the German Air Force trained alongside Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UK and the United States. Nearly 200 personnel from Fighter Bomber Wing 31 “Boelcke” took part.

This was the first time Germany had tested the Eurofighter under desert conditions, according to German-Foreign-Policy.com. Other aircraft, including the F-15, F-16, Mirage and British version of the Eurofighter, took part.

The exercises included 92 planned missions, involving a total of 1,400 flight hours.

Both of these exercises used the uae’s Air Warfare Center at the Al Dhafra Air Base. “The German Air Force loves this facility,” writes German-Foreign-Policy.com, “not least of all because there are hardly limitations on low-level flying and risky operations in the Emirates, and it provides authentic conditions for desert operations in the Gulf region.”

It also speculated that the use of the German Eurofighter was part of German efforts to sell the uae around 60 Eurofighters. This would help Germany’s arms manufacturing industry and further cement its relationship with the uae.

Germany has consistently taken part in training exercises in the uae over the past few years. It held operations similar to the Common Sky 2012 missions in 2009. It participated in the Advanced Tactical Leadership Course in 2008. German soldiers have been training at the Air Warfare Center for years. The two nations signed a “strategic partnership” with a focus on “cooperation agreement in the military sector” in 2005.

The German military is quietly making sure it is prepared for a war in the Middle East, as well as building an alliance of Islamic countries ready to confront Iran. For more information on this important trend, see last week’s article “Germany’s Rise … and Rise to Power!

Germany Repatriates Gold From France and U.S.

Germany plans to repatriate tens of thousands of gold bars worth approximately 36 billion U.S. dollars. The gold is currently stored in the United States and France.

Last year, Germany’s Federal Auditors’ Office criticized its central bank for failing to properly oversee its gold.

In response, Germany’s central bank said on Wednesday that it will retrieve all 374 tons of the bullion it currently keeps in Paris. It said that the gold will be back inside its vaults in Frankfurt by 2020.

The Bundesbank said it will also repatriate another 300 tons of gold currently being stored at the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

The eight-year process will bring about 19 percent of Germany’s gold reserves back to the Fatherland. Germany holds 3,400 tons of gold reserves—the most of any country, after the United States.

When the process is complete, Frankfurt will hold half of Germany’s gold. New York will retain 37 percent, and London will store 13 percent.

Berlin is probably only beginning to repossess its gold reserves. The Bundesbank’s announcement indicates that German leaders believe the global economic crisis may soon intensify.

On January 15, the Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard said that the move represents “an extraordinary breakdown in trust between leading central banks.” Evans-Pritchard compared Germany’s actions to what happened in the 1960s, when the postwar currency system fell apart and France withdrew its gold from the United States.

Precious metals analyst Jim Sinclair said that the Bundesbank announcement may herald the end of the global fiat dollar system. Sinclair said that France’s actions in the ’60s caused American financial leaders to panic. “History will look back on this salvo as being the beginning of the end of the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency of choice,” he said.

For more information on why Germany wants its gold back now, read Gerald Flurry’s article, “Did the Holy Roman Empire Plan the Greek Crisis?

A Major Cause for the Wimpification of Men

A Major Cause for the Wimpification of Men


Time wasters tailor-made to suck the life out of the male mind

The wimpification of men is one of the most destructive trends in modern times. As women surge ahead in field after field, boys and men are passively watching it happen. Many of them, rather than working to stay ahead of or even keep up with women, are responding by waging something of a sit-down strike. They’re living with their parents at double the rate of their female peers. They’re dropping out of the labor pool in record numbers.

The result is effectively a reversal of a male-female power arrangement that has existed for virtually all of human history.

One of the most potent of the many causes behind this revolution is the advent of modern time wasters tailor-made to suck the life out of the male mind.

Today’s media have become a black hole for male ambition and responsibility. As Kay Hymowitz writes in her book Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys, “Relatively affluent, free of family responsibilities, and entertained by an array of media devoted to his every pleasure, the single young man can live in pig heaven—and often does.” It’s a self-perpetuating cycle: A man with little motivation to become a productive member of society is more liable to devote his hours to senseless pursuits, which then renders him even less capable of ever making something of his life.

Two of the most toxic examples are video games and pornography. Their most voracious consumers are young men, and they are ravaging society’s manhood on an epic scale.

Video game addiction is about four times more common among boys than girls. The average American boy spends 13 hours a week absorbed in video games, compared to five hours for the average girl. Half of college students admit that video games preempt their studies “some” or “a lot.” By the time the average American youth reaches drinking age, he will have devoted 10,000 hours to gaming—enough time to have earned two bachelor’s degrees.

The valuable time and energy being swallowed up by these games is problem enough, but the ghoulish content many of them contain makes their effect far worse. Millions of young people are immersing themselves in realistic games that encourage them to become killers, sadists, mutilators and monsters that use every conceivable weapon for murder, torture, dismemberment, decapitation, impaling, ethnic cleansing and rape.

Pornography has become mainstream, pervasive, socially accepted, and, thanks to the Internet, devilishly easy to get. It is also intensely addictive. The demand is monstrous: Full-length commercial porn films are produced at 22½ times the volume of Hollywood films. The average high school boy watches porn two hours a week. Researchers conducting a study in July 2011 on porn and prostitution had so much difficulty finding non-users that they had to loosen their definition in order to muster up a hundred men for a control group.

“A brain originally designed to cope with nothing more tempting than an occasional glimpse of a tribesperson across the savannah is lost with what’s now on offer on the net at the click of a button,” wrote author Alain de Botton in the Wall Street Journal. “There is nothing robust enough in our psychological make-up to compensate for developments in our technological capacities.”

These perverted images and warped concepts filling men’s minds have devastating effects on men’s relationships and mental health. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study found that regular pornography users have higher rates of depression and even physical health problems than non-users. “The reason is that porn may start a cycle of isolation,” the report explained. “Porn may become a substitute for healthy face-to-face interactions, social or sexual.” Psychologists say video games also tend to desensitize a user to reality and to real-life interactions with people.

In their book The Demise of Guys: Why Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It, psychologists Philip Zimbardo and Nikita Duncan contend that these poisonous media influences are actually rewiring men’s brains. “The excessive use of video games and online porn,” they write, “is creating a generation of risk-averse guys who are unable (and unwilling) to navigate the complexities and risks inherent to real-life relationships, school and employment.”

Think on that. These influences are crushing society’s manhood. One specific proof: Academics have uncovered a correlation between porn use and an increase in a man’s willingness to move back in with his parents. And today, nearly six in ten 18-to-24-year-old males live with their parents. Even among 25-to-34-year-olds, it’s still almost two in ten. These figures are almost double the rate among women the same age.

Risk-averse men who cannot handle life’s complexities are deeply disadvantaged if not crippled in ever being able to support a family.

It’s impossible to measure precisely, but this media assault has contributed significantly to handicap men in our world.

The frustrations so many people have over the weakness of men today all trace back to this powerful spiritual truth: Men are weak because of their sin. Self-indulgence, the sex perversion—these are sins. If a man succumbs to sin, he becomes weak. God removes His blessings and allows the devil to do his work.

These sins are causing the collapse of manly leadership and male responsibility. They are creating weakness, insecurity and selfishness. They are leading to the disappearance of manhood!

A man who wants to avoid this trap must devote his energies to swimming upstream against society. He must eschew the pastimes that weaken men. He must avoid the addictions that eat away at men’s minds, blacken their consciences and destroy their confidence. He must stoke the flames of ambition in his life. He must aim high, and equip himself to become an able leader. This is what he was created for. This is literally what he was born to do!

Iranian ‘Fleet’ to Patrol Mediterranean

Iranian ‘Fleet’ to Patrol Mediterranean


Iran’s 24th naval fleet is taking action in controlling the Mediterranean.

Iran’s 24th Fleet will patrol the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Suez Canal, Iranian Navy Commander Rear Adm. Habibollah Sayyari announced January 16, according to Iranian state-owned Press tv. The fleet’s three-month voyage will see it traveling as far as Southeast Asia.

The term “fleet” is a bit of an exaggeration. The Jerusalem Post reports that the 24th Fleet is made up of one submarine and one warship.

“The Navy’s 24th Fleet of warships will patrol the north of the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Aden, Bab-el-Mandeb, the Red Sea, Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea for three months and will even sail as far as southeastern Asian countries,” Sayyari said, according to Press tv.

“We announce that we are able to provide security in the region with the help of all neighboring countries,” he said.

The Mediterranean used to be off limits to Iran. Before the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Iranian ships were not allowed through the Suez. This trip will be the third since Mubarak’s demise.

Sailing through the Red Sea is a provocation to Israel. Proudly announcing plans to sail around the Mediterranean is a provocation to Europe.

Iran is working to gain control over the Red Sea and Suez Canal. Radical Islamists are running Egypt. They’ll soon be able to exert control over one of the world’s most important shipping lanes. The Islamists will be able to do more than let Iran’s ships through—they’ll be able to threaten to keep others out.

Iranian ships will soon be sailing in Europe’s backyard. That’s going to get Europe’s attention.

Watch for Europe and especially Germany to assert their control of the Mediterranean. This is another pushy move from Iran. Europe will push back.

For more information on Iran’s operations, see our article “Libya and Ethiopia Reveal Iran’s Military Strategy.”

EU Pressures Syria, Combats Islam in Mali

The European Union is seeking to intervene in ongoing conflicts taking place in Syria and Mali. EU President Herman Van Rompuy visited Egypt on Monday to meet with the Arab League and discuss possible solutions to the unrest.

A recent United Nations report found that Syria’s civil war has already claimed the lives of 60,000 people. Van Rompuy described the death toll as “appalling” and “unacceptable.”

The European Union is also concerned about developments in Mali, located in northwest Africa. Nine months ago, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb seized control of large sections of northern Mali. France responded last week with aerial bombardments against the insurgents. It has deployed 800 troops on the ground, including special forces, and plans to dispatch approximately 900 more.

However, Mali’s well-armed Islamist rebels managed to gain more territory on Monday. Rebel forces are now within 250 miles of the capital, Bamako.

France’s intervention and Van Rompuy’s visit with the Arab League show that Europe is serious about combating radical Islam—serious enough to go into battle.

The United States, on the other hand, is not. On Tuesday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta offered nothing more than his encouragement.

More and more, America is shying away from the fight against radical Islam. This has created a power vacuum. Bible prophecy shows that a European superpower will step in to fill the void. For more about where these global trends are leading, read The United States and Britain in Prophecy by Herbert W. Armstrong.