Rebels Capture Key Syrian Airbase

STR/AFP/Getty Images

Rebels Capture Key Syrian Airbase

The Syrian rebels have captured a key Syrian airbase in Taftanaz which is massive blow to Assad regime.

Syrian rebels have overrun the largest airbase in northern Syria. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the fighting around the Taftanaz airbase ceased Friday morning when the rebels ousted the last remnants of government forces.

The airbase housed two squadrons of Mil-8/17 Hip transport helicopters, and was previously used by the government to conduct air raids, and transport troops and supplies in Syria’s northern sector. Government forces withdrew all working helicopters from the site before it was overrun. The rebels allegedly seized a number of armored vehicles, 20 choppers that were not in working order, and a large stockpile of weapons.

The greatest loss to the Assad regime is not the military hardware, but the loss of its largest logistical supply center. With the rebels cutting off many roads throughout the country, resupply must be done through the air. By taking the airbase, the rebels have dealt a heavy blow to the government forces. Before the attack, President Bashar Assad’s forces were already struggling on multiple fronts in the region. The loss of the airbase marks a tough winter ahead for the government forces.

Rebels in the north and around Damascus have been systematically taking over airbases and making off with weapons caches. This latest attack will further strengthen the military power and resolve of the rebels.

The attack on Taftanaz may be just one incident, but it is one of hundreds that are slowly weakening the Syrian government. Such attacks fit in to what Bible prophecy foretells for the region. The Trumpet has explained that prophecy indicates Syria will not be aligned with Iran for much longer. For that split to occur, the current administration must either be removed from office or make a sudden U-turn. Study The King of the South to understand for yourself where Syria is heading in the near future.