Kings of the North and South Battle in Jordan

Jordan has invited the European Union to monitor its upcoming elections. The request was made by Jordan’s independent election commission, and the EU said on Thursday that it will fulfill the request. The EU will send 140 observers from its 27 member states to monitor both the vote itself and the pre-election campaign, which starts on Saturday.

It will be the first time that the EU has monitored Jordan’s parliamentary vote.

The EU’s election observer chief, David Martin, said on Thursday that he hopes the elections on January 23 will contribute to Jordan’s democratic development. “We have never observed Jordanian elections before,” said Martin. “This is the first time that the European Election Observation Mission has felt that the conditions were right to come and observe elections here in Jordan.”

“The agreement is to give us the space to work, but not to work with the government, so we are completely independent of the government structure,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jordan’s powerful Muslim Brotherhood is boycotting the vote.

Both Iran and Europe are interested in Jordan’s elections. Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote earlier this year that radical Islam is plotting to take over Jordan, which is a comparatively small and weak nation. He also pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to hijack the king’s effort to reform his country.

Jordan’s invitation to the European Union to monitor its elections is probably an effort to win support in its battle against the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Bible prophesies that Jordan will not be taken over by the EU or by Iran and radical Islam. The presence of EU observers will not skew the election, but it shows who Jordan will turn to in order to combat radical Islam.

God has a special plan for modern Jordan. To understand this nation’s future, read Jordan and God’s Church in Prophecy.