The Problem Spreads


Rather than decreasing in Zimbabwe, the problems have only began to spread to Zimbabwe’s neighbor, South Africa. Holding the infamous reputation for the highest murder and rape statistics in the world, South Africa is witnessing an increasing number of deaths of white farmers as blacks move onto white farmland.

The greatest fear of white farmers in South Africa is that the example of land seizure set by Zimbabwe will become the accepted policy of South African Prime Minister Thabo Mbeke’s coalition government. With pressure mounting from hordes of blacks for the government to fulfill its election promise to house its huge population of homeless, it seems inevitable that South Africa’s white farmers will soon face a similar situation to that in Zimbabwe.

The current generation of Caucasians, whose forefathers pioneered civilized settlement in Southern Africa—worked the land, built the roads, developed the infrastructure, raised the health, education and welfare of the ethnic black population to unprecedented levels—seem destined to have their hands powerfully bitten by those whom they, for so long, have fed.