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August 20, 2014  •  21 minutes  •  # $
America isn’t the only country being overrun by foreign-born immigrants.

In recent programs, we’ve looked at the consequences of the immigration crisis in America (here, here and here). The United States is at risk, as it has sustained a massive and accelerating influx of illegal immigrants across its southern border. But immigration is also an issue beyond America’s porous borders—specifically in Britain today.

A dramatic example emerged on Tuesday, showing just how real Britain’s immigration crisis has become. The story surfaced when a jihadist with a London accent posted a video of himself beheading a journalist. If you live in Britain, this murderer may be someone you’ve walked past on the street or sat next to on the train. Some estimates believe as many as 500 British citizens have traveled abroad to join Islamic militants.

Many news outlets and analysts are writing about the journalist tragedy, but few are asking one important question—what happens when murderers return to Britain?