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By Sam Livingston, from April 17, 2014 in News »
Venezuelan leaders seek mediation from the Vatican to resolve violent conflict.
By Richard Palmer, from March 17, 2014 in Top Stories »
What role will the man labeled as ‘the German pope’ and ‘Europe’s super bishop’ play in the Catholic Church?
The pope wants to radically transform the global financial system, and he’s quietly acquiring the power to do it. But his strategy goes well beyond economics. 
Want a case study of what happens when Catholicism mixes with politics? Look at Spain. 
By Richard Palmer, from January 10, 2014 in Top Stories »
Church and State never fully separated in Spain and the two are drawing closer together. Should you be worried?
By Andrew Miiller, from December 26, 2013 in News »
Because South Sudan is a strategically-located, oil-rich, predominantly-Christian country, both Germany and the Vatican have a deep interest in its political future!