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By Richard Palmer, from July 15, 2014 in Top Stories »
Security guards hold back anti-Semitic lynch mob outside a full synagogue.
By Callum Wood, from July 11, 2014 in Analysis »
Where is the chaos in Gaza headed?
By Anthony Chibarirwe, from July 8, 2014 in News »
The murders of three Jewish teenagers and a Palestinian teenager reveal two sides headed for inevitable conflict.
Politicians and the media were mesmerized by Pope Francis’s peaceful-looking gestures. Almost nobody recognized the extremely provocative nature of his trip! 
From May 25, 2014 in News »
Two leaders discuss the only possible way to bring lasting peace to the Middle East.
By Richard Palmer, from May 21, 2014 in Analysis »
In Britain and America, we rarely encounter anti-Semitism—in the rest of the world, it’s a different story.
By Callum Wood, from May 5, 2014 in News »
Hamas has been quick to refute Abbas’s claims that the Palestinian unity government will bring peace.
By Callum Wood, from April 30, 2014 in Top Stories »
Threats from the U.S. expose the deteriorating relationship between Washington and Jerusalem.
By Callum Wood, from April 15, 2014 in Top Stories »
Analyzing the one-sided peace process