More Christianity

By Callum Wood, from August 28, 2013 in Top Stories »
The fighting in Egypt has started to take on a sectarian nature as Islamists vent their anger on the Christian minority.
By Joel Hilliker, from April 3, 2013 in Society »
Witness the revolutionary cultural shift.
Pope Benedict’s aggressive move to garner the wayward Anglican daughter of the church back into Rome’s fold advances the Vatican’s strategy to dominate global Christianity.

Some today believe that there are good lies and bad lies. Here is the truth about lying.
By Richard Palmer, from December 25, 2012 in Top Stories »
A new report highlights one of 2012’s most important underreported stories: Islam’s attack on Christianity.
From November 15, 2012 in News »
Increased cooperation is suggesting the possibility of a reconciliation between the Catholic Church and the Protestants in Europe.