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By Gerald Flurry, from July 12, 2014 in Top Stories »
Herbert W. Armstrong wrote about mankind’s potential, which includes ruling over the universe with God. What could be more important than achieving our physical and spiritual potential?
Is your teen more stressed out than you are?
How to get a grip on sibling rivalry 
Finally, the solution to our family problems is … childlessness? 
By Dennis Leap, from November 3, 2013 in Top Stories »
Feminists are pushing a new female ‘archetype’: childlessness. Will that really solve our problems?
By Robert Morley, from October 30, 2013 in Columnists »
Something good can come from the death of Peterson’s son.
By Jeremiah Jacques, from July 23, 2013 in Top Stories »
The royal baby’s birth has captured global attention, but few understand the true importance—both past and future—of the throne to which he is heir.