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The dangers of complacency amid chaos 
By Brad Macdonald, from October 2, 2014 in Analysis »
He is an astute, pragmatic thinker, a powerful communicator, and a natural leader—just the type of individual Germany and Europe need right now.
By Brad Macdonald, from September 18, 2014 in Analysis »
Bereft of vision, Britain is perishing.
By Brad Macdonald, from September 26, 2014 in Top Stories »
The greatest challenge Germany’s leaders face is convincing the public that Germany needs to be more active and aggressive.
By Stephen Flurry, from August 27, 2014 in Columnists »
Here are a few positive attributes that can help you conquer that deadly sin.
Lessons from a failed socialist water program in Detroit apply well beyond the city limits.
Open-door policies have led to a surge of illegal immigration into the United States. Where is this leading?
By Brad Macdonald, from August 8, 2014 in Analysis »
Germany has promised to do more to solve global crises. Will it live up to its promise?
By Robert Morley, from August 7, 2014 in Analysis »
What do you get when mass immigration from places like Gaza and the Middle East clash with Canadian principles? Exactly what happened in Calgary and Toronto.