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The world is burning, but you wouldn’t know it judging by statements coming from the White House. 
Reports of the Russian dictator’s demise are greatly exaggerated.
By Jeremiah Jacques, from August 31, 2014 in Top Stories »
Tokyo is wasting no time acting on its new interpretation of its Constitution.
By Gerald Flurry, from August 30, 2014 in Top Stories »
America’s government, its citizens and the world now recognize that illegal immigration into the U.S. is a major crisis.
A spying scandal has sparked a lot of hatred for America among the Germans. Bible prophecy states that this trend will intensify.
From August 28, 2014 in News »
By Daryle Hochstetler, from August 28, 2014 in Top Stories »
What caused the Napa Valley earthquake? Can we blame the drought?
By Stephen Flurry, from August 27, 2014 in Top Stories »
In the Middle East, America is no longer even in the backfield—it’s on the sideline.
By Callum Wood, from August 27, 2014 in Top Stories »
Why is Tehran militarizing one of the world’s most vital sea lanes?