Philadelphia Trumpet  •  May/June 2014  •  Volume 25, No. 5
  • The Crimean Crisis Is Reshaping Europe!
    One of the most dramatic prophecies in the Bible is unfolding before our eyes. 
  • Europe’s Iron-and-Clay Unity
    Written 2,500 years ago, the book of Daniel includes an extraordinarily fitting description of end-time Europe. 
  • Asia Stands With Putin
    Obama says Russia is isolating itself from the world. At least 3 billion people disagree. 
  • The Curtain-Raiser
    Europe never could have united its East and West if someone hadn’t opened the Iron Curtain first.
  • A Message to the Prince of Russia—From God
    Russia’s President Putin is making some bold, dangerous moves. Does God have a specific message for him? 
  • Features
    Is the Government Reading Your E-mail?
    And will it stop there? 
  • The ‘Spectacular’ Big-Bang Discovery
    Is this the black eye for creationism that many say it is? 
  • It’s Baaaack … the Occult Revival
    Interest in demons and the supernatural has gone mainstream. Is it harmless fun? 
  • Why You Need to Watch Lebanon
    This little nation is a linchpin for a biblically prophesied end-time alliance. 
  • Departments
    From the Editor
    Putin Remembers Yugoslavia
    What he remembers should bring shame to America and Germany! 
  • WorldWatch
  • Principles of Living
    What It Means to Serve God
    Does your performance match your desire to serve? 
  • SocietyWatch
  • Commentary
    Politics and the Wicked Human Heart