April 18, 2015  •  27 minutes
Russian President Vladimir Putin believes his actions in Crimea are no different than the West’s actions in Yugoslavia in the ’90s.
April 1, 2015  •  # $
The book of Revelation includes a remarkable prophecy that has unfolded over two millennia—and will conclude during your lifetime. 
April 11, 2015  •  # $
The Bible prophesies of a battle between a European king of the north and the king of the south, led by radical Islam. But the nation of Jordan will be protected. We need to know why.
April 1, 2015  •  # $
Alarm bells sounded by the IMF recall a forecast made three decades ago about how a U.S. crash would affect Europe.
April 1, 2015  •  # $
Keep a close watch on Europe. Events are pointing to a dramatic change that will shock the world.
April 4, 2015  •  # $
Learn about the spiritual warfare that began before mankind was created and continues to this day.
March 1, 2015  •  # $
This terrorist nation has become the gatekeeper of the Red Sea and the Suez Canal.
March 28, 2015  •  # $
True Christians do much more than simply accept Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.