February 28, 2015  •  27 minutes
The Bible reveals the details of the conflict that will explode between what it calls the ‘king of the north’ and the ‘king of the south.’
February 21, 2015  •  # $
Not all cities are equal in importance. The most important city on Earth is Jerusalem.
February 14, 2015  •  # $
Herbert W. Armstrong pinpointed a specific trigger that will set off earthshaking events that will change Europe and the United States permanently.
February 7, 2015  •  # $
Iran has overthrown Yemen’s government. How it did so gives us a glimpse into its strategy to conquer the Middle East.
January 31, 2015  •  # $
Your Bible shows that the two greatest crises in this end time revolve around a physical building.
January 27, 2015  •  # $
Is the Roman Catholic Church trying to establish a strategic foothold 90 miles from American soil? And if so, why?
January 24, 2015  •  # $
In the midst of the Cold War, the Soviet Union deployed missiles just 90 miles from the contiguous United States. This was perhaps the closest the world ever came to nuclear war.
May 26, 2008  •  # $
We can’t allow events in the Middle East to distract us from what’s unfolding in Europe.