July 19, 2014  •  28 minutes
We live in a world engulfed in darkness, but the Bible reveals how this blind world can find light. This bright hope dates back to the Old Testament—and it dates forward to the return of Jesus Christ!
July 12, 2014  •  # $
Herbert W. Armstrong wrote about mankind’s potential, which includes ruling over the universe with God. What could be more important than achieving our physical and spiritual potential?
July 5, 2014  •  # $
Why is there so much division in our country? Why is our economy failing? Why is the threat of war rampant on this Earth? Why are we at the point of no return?
June 26, 2014  •  # $
Politicians and the media were mesmerized by Pope Francis’s peaceful-looking gestures. Almost nobody recognized the extremely provocative nature of his trip! 
June 28, 2014  •  # $
Satan the devil, the god of this world, has deceived the whole world so that it worships him. He has power we can hardly imagine. Satan and his demons are now confined to this Earth with all that power. What are they doing?
June 21, 2014  •  # $
The Bible prophesies of an end-time battle between a European king of the north and a king of the south led by radical Islam. God says the Muslim nation of Jordan will be protected. We need to know why.
June 14, 2014  •  # $
When Hurricane Isaac struck America, it caused enormous flood damage—this while more than half the country was suffering from drought. Why is this occurring and what does it mean to you?
May 21, 2014  •  # $
A history lesson America’s leaders desperately need