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By Richard Palmer, from March 4, 2015 in Top Stories »
Britain’s military cuts are further weakening its alliance with the U.S.
Britain is closer than ever to cutting ties with the European Union. What will Europe look like once the British are gone?
One massacre was exaggerated. Another went unreported. 
The reason for the double standard is shameful. 
By Richard Palmer, from February 25, 2015 in Analysis »
Germany removes the last restraints on its use of the armed forces, while its defense minister declares that there will be ‘no taboos.’
By Richard Palmer, from February 13, 2015 in Analysis »
Appeasement, capitulation or wisdom—how can we understand Merkel’s negotiations with Russia?
By Richard Palmer, from February 9, 2015 in Featured »
Current use of fertilizer could lead to a global famine and civilization’s collapse, according to academics.