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By Richard Palmer, from May 28, 2015 in Analysis »
Another banking scandal reveals the bold dishonesty in Britain’s and America’s banks.
The Obama administration is applauding itself for killing the Monroe Doctrine. But in truth, this foreign-policy pillar has helped America survive—and its death puts the nation itself at risk. 
By Richard Palmer, from May 21, 2015 in Analysis »
How a court ruling exposes the true aim of the global pro-homosexual movement
By Richard Palmer, from May 15, 2015 in Analysis »
The French president’s historic visit to Cuba is part of a European effort to pursue closer relations with the island.
Pope Benedict’s aggressive move to garner the wayward Anglican daughter of the church back into Rome’s fold advances the Vatican’s strategy to dominate global Christianity.

By Richard Palmer, from May 8, 2015 in Analysis »
This election has major consequences for Britain’s place in the EU and Scotland’s place in the UK.