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In order to
 conquer toxic
 emotional states,
 you need to understand your thoughts—and then govern them.
What do walking out your front door, hitting the pillow, and eating fat all have in common? As even some of history’s greats have learned, improving your mental health is just a matter of making the right decisions. 
This world would do better with a bit more Britishness.
Invention and imagination are awesome, and uniquely human, abilities. Where did they come from? Why do we create?
Thoughts on the public debate over corporal punishment
Have you ever wanted to be more creative? You can be!
By Dennis Leap, from December 25, 2014 in Analysis »
2014’s Bible movies fail to feature the Bible.
They possess dazzling promise. Be honest: Will your parenting help them attain it?
Young people need to learn to talk as well as they can text!
To enjoy the blessings God wants to give us, we must deeply understand the way of life to avoid.