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The Jonesboro tragedy focused our attention on a national problem years in the making. Our children are robbing us, assaulting us, raping us and even murdering us. Do we know how to stop youth crime?
Do you grasp the meaning behind today’s headlines? Editors, newscasters, journalists, reporters, and foreign correspondents admit they do not understand the meaning behind the news they report. But you can know! Here is how.
Is your child a gang member? “Absolutely not!” you say. Are you sure? Gang experts say many parents are in denial about their child’s gang association. This article discusses our national gang problem; what we can do about it, and how you can prevent your children from falling victim to gang violence.
Americans do a great job at evangelism but a poor job at discipleship.
Some laud the theology of Star Wars. But does Star Wars reflect a true religion?
Some claim that witchcraft is the fastest growing religion in America. This article gives you vital information on this neo-pagan religious movement.
Has modern Christianity lived up to the ideals of its founder?
Is your teen more stressed out than you are?
We hear so much bad news about teens these days. It appears we are losing so many young lives to drugs, alcohol, illicit sex and violence. Can our teens be rescued? Yes! This article shows you how.
By Dennis Leap, Feature article from the May 2000 Trumpet Print Edition »
On March 12, the pope made a public apology for the universal church’s past faults and sins. His confession was seen as vague and inadequate. Which past sins? Certainly he must have included the sins of his predecessors.