What’s the Trumpet Doing in Jerusalem?

The Trumpet’s publisher has 21 personnel in the Holy City digging, taping, writing and publishing—why?

On a quiet street in Jerusalem across from an open field stands a large, stone-faced house. Green-shuttered windows and doors and numerous balconies adorn the three-story building, and a burst of fiery magenta flowers climbs over a small stone wall by the street. The faint sounds of the city filter through the otherwise serene atmosphere. This is the home of the newest enterprise for the publisher of the Trumpet newsmagazine: the Philadelphia Church of God’s Jerusalem office.

On May 30, Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry, his family and five Herbert W. Armstrong College students and alumni arrived in Jerusalem. Their mission: establish a regional office for the church, a branch of the college and a base of operations for Trumpet reporting on location. Since then, the pcg’s work in the capital of Israel has grown in numbers and in impact. It now includes a crucial involvement in one of the area’s most important archaeological projects.

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