Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci(Andrew Howe/iStockphoto)
Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo da Vinci
(Andrew Howe/iStockphoto)

Art—The Good, the Bad and the Mediocre

Or is it all just a matter of taste?

If you fear that younger generations are tragically apathetic, just scroll through the comments section of a popular YouTube music video, and you’ll discover heaps of evidence to the contrary. Although most of these netizens are apparently indifferent to rules of grammar and courtesy, they are deeply passionate about music. In page after page of oscillation between the loftiest praise and the most scornful contempt, users make their opinions on music inescapably clear.

Many of these arguments are also peppered by pleas from diplomatic souls urging restraint from both the fanatics and the detractors. One such commentator said, “Music taste is not objective. You cannot factually, beyond all deniability, prove one piece of music to be better and more enjoyable than another, or of better quality.”

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