Ben Bernanke—Hero?

March 27, 2012  •  From
Did a caped crusader rescue the world?

Check out a copy of the latest Atlantic. The cover of the April issue is a glowing picture of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke—“the hero” who “saved the global economy.” Da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Bernankman!

As steward of the U.S. economy, Bernanke has a few accomplishments. In 2010, the year after the great recession tenuously ended, people who made more than $356,000 (the top 1 percent of earners) saw their incomes rise by more than 11 percent. Bang! The top one hundredth of Americans saw their incomes jump by more than 21 percent. Pow! Ninety-nine percent of Americans saw their incomes rise too—by an average of $80. Zing.

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