Crisis will not be solved by any of man’s government ideas or philosophies. (ER09/iStockphoto)
Crisis will not be solved by any of man’s government ideas or philosophies.

How the Constitution Crisis Will End

What happens when leaders put themselves above the law.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg must have missed the memo about Egypt’s radical Islamist transformation over the past year. Since Hosni Mubarak’s government crumbled under heavy pressure from the United States, Islamic extremists have been assaulting Coptic Christians, raping their wives and daughters, and burning their homes and churches to the ground. In September, terrorists ambushed Israel’s embassy, prompting a late-night emergency evacuation in September. In January, Islamist hard-liners, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, won 72 percent of the seats in Egypt’s parliament. They refuse to recognize the State of Israel and have threatened to dissolve the Egypt-Israel peace treaty.

Yet, despite the transparent nature of Egypt’s Islamic revolution, liberal elites in the West continue marching along in total darkness, fantasizing about what rights the new Egyptian constitution might guarantee for homosexuals and women. These blind guides act as if a piece of paper will prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from implementing tyranny and enforcing sharia law, and will usher in a new era of Western-style freedom and peace in Egypt.

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