Pope Benedict XVI appointed 22 cardinals January 7.(Getty Images)
Pope Benedict XVI appointed 22 cardinals January 7.
(Getty Images)

Pope Benedict Appoints Conservative Cardinals

January 11, 2012  •  From theTrumpet.com
Pope Benedict’s appointments confirm the Vatican’s focus on Europe, while not neglecting opportunities in America.

Pope Benedict xvi showed his focus on Europe as he announced 22 new cardinals on January 7. Many of the appointments went to Vatican personnel—who tend to be more conservative and in closer contact with the pope. After the new nominations, 35 percent of cardinals under the age of 80 (cardinal electors—those eligible to elect another pope) will be Vatican officials.

Benedict’s appointments especially focused on Europe. Sixty-seven out of the 125 cardinal electors will now be European. Latin America, the next most represented continent, has only 22.

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