The Next Chapter in Europe’s Financial Crisis

August 11, 2011  •  From
When seismic events happen in Europe, the Vatican is nearly always involved.

It is the most important story of the moment. The financial crisis in Europe has driven every nation on the Continent to its knees before Germany, and Berlin is exploiting the crisis to tangibly and forcefully reshape the European Union.

It’s also a scenario that was described by Herbert Armstrong—more than 50 years ago. “Germany is the economic and military heart of Europe,” he wrote in 1953. “Without Germany such a federation of nations is impossible. Yet the other nations of Europe will not trust Germany or a German leader. Still, in spite of this, it is probable that none but a German can provide the dynamic, inspired leadership required to organize such a political military federation” (Good News, May 1953). For decades, Mr. Armstrong warned tirelessly that Germany would be revived and that it would successfully create a European superstate!

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