Al Jazeera Broadcasts From D.C.

May 9, 2011  •  From
The television enterprise that once was always first to publicize bin Laden’s messages is setting up to broadcast from America’s capital.

While in Washington, d.c., recently, we took time out to visit the Newseum. Sponsored by the Freedom Forum, it’s certainly worth a visit, especially from any newshound intent on appreciating the history of the documenting and distribution of news.

The Newseum tracks the development of the news business from the 15th to 21st centuries. It covers the evolution of the war correspondent from its pioneer, William Russell, designated as special correspondent for the London-based Telegraph newspaper in the time of carrier pigeon and telegraph communication on the Crimean war front, to America’s Edward R. Murrow of World War ii radio reporting fame, on to the time of today’s citizen on-the-spot reporting by iPhone.

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