Prophecy Comes Alive in Egypt!

The upheaval in Egypt demonstrates the veracity of Bible prophecy—
in particular a prophecy our editor in chief has been pointing to for 18 years.

Now that Hosni Mubarak is gone, what will happen to Egypt? Commentators are all over the map on Egypt’s future, with predictions ranging from a Western-style democracy to an Islamic state. There is little certainty on how these volatile events will play out and what they will mean for the region and the world.

But there is a way we can know. It is because we have “a more sure word of prophecy” (2 Peter 1:19) that we can know Egypt’s future. It is also because of that “sure word” that the Trumpet was not surprised at recent events in that country. In fact, our editor in chief has forecast such developments for over 18 years.

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