China is making its presence known throughout Asia.(Getty Images)
China is making its presence known throughout Asia.
(Getty Images)

The Chinafication of Asia

January 27, 2011  •  From
Beijing is not satisfied with the status quo and is maneuvering to expand its reach, especially in Asia.

“Anybody who ignores China would have to reexamine his head,” said the Philippines Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile last month. And a growing number of Asian policymakers are demonstrating that they agree with Enrile.

Wielding the twin forces of soft-power diplomacy and intimidating military growth, Beijing is rapidly expanding China’s reach throughout Asia. Viewed individually, the gains China has made don’t appear terribly significant, but, when analyzed together, they paint a sobering picture of a rapidly rising Chinese powerhouse and of a dramatic shift in Asia’s balance of power.

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