Pope Benedict implicated in child abuse scandal

Posted by Richard Palmer at 11:32 pm on December 4, 2010

More evidence personally implicating Pope Benedict xvi in the Roman Catholic child abuse scandals emerged this week.

It involves a case in 1980 where a priest was transferred to Munich, then under the jurisdiction of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, after sexually abusing boys in Essen. It is common Catholic practice to simply relocate priests that commit this kind of crime, rather than punish them in any meaningful way. The head of personnel in Essen wrote to Ratzinger and called him over the phone, telling him that “there is a risk which has prompted us to immediately remove him from the parish,” and that “an official complaint has been lodged by members of the parish.” The priest was then allowed to go on abusing children, and received a fine and suspended sentence for this in 1986.

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