Crisis in Europe: A Classic Whodunit

What caused Greece’s financial demise? Was it suicide? Accidental death? Neither. Media detectives are off the track. Something sinister is afoot. A master criminal is at work.

Is Greece about to collapse? Is the euro about to fall apart? Is this the end of the European Union? These questions seemed unthinkable a few months ago. Now they fill newspaper headlines.

Greece looks like it is about to disintegrate. On May 5, over 30,000 demonstrators overran the streets of Athens. They began their protest at the Field of Ares—named after the Greek god of war. Many were there to do battle—Molotov cocktails, gas masks and sticks their weapons of choice. “It’s not unusual in Greece for a small minority to cause trouble during a protest, but on Wednesday the rage ran deeper,” wrote Time. “It wasn’t just masked anarchists who charged police; men in polo shirts joined in too” (May 5).

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