(Alexey Klementiev/Hemera/Thinkstock)
(Alexey Klementiev/Hemera/Thinkstock)

Why Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Will Always Be Illegal

California’s judges are forcing the issue down our throats. But they’ll never truly change the law.

In 2000, nearly two thirds of Californians passed a law forbidding homosexual marriage. In May this year, a mere four individuals killed that law, nullified the will of the people, and shoved open the door to same-sex unions in California. The “weddings” started June 16.

Massachusetts passed a similar law in 2003, but a statute prevents non-residents from marrying there. Not so with California. Couples from around the country can come to the Golden State to be “wed”—and then return to their home states ready to launch legal battles to have their unions officially recognized there as well.

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