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What’s Wrong With ‘New’ Bible Translations?

February 15, 2008  •  From theTrumpet.com
Over the past several decades, many new Bible translations have been released. Several of these newer translations are gaining wide acceptance across many religious fields. Are these new translations more accurate than the King James Version?

With so many different Bible translations, the obvious question we should ask first is why? Why so many different translations? After all, aren’t all of these translations put together by the most “educated” of this world? In the preface of the New International Version of the Bible you will read how over 100 scholars joined forces to bring us this new version. And the same scenario is probably true for the many other new versions. Why so many different translations? Because scholars simply cannot fully agree with the work of other scholars. Otherwise there would be no need for a new version. With so many versions available, which one is right for you?

First, it must be pointed out that no Bible translation is inspired. They were all put together by men. The only perfect translation of Scripture is what God Himself actually revealed to the apostles and prophets.

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