World-renowned guitarists, Celino, Pepe, Celin and Lito Romero.(marvin sloben)
World-renowned guitarists, Celino, Pepe, Celin and Lito Romero.
(marvin sloben)

Family Strings

The renowned guitarists of the Romero family have a secret to their success that families the world over would do well to mimic.

“The most important thing my father taught me was how to be a father.”

That may sound a bit peculiar for a guitar legend like Celin Romero to say about the man who taught him to play the way he does. Celin is one of the original members of the Romeros quartet, world-renowned as the “Royal Family of the Guitar”—which has played together for 50 years. The other three original members were his two brothers, Pepe and Angel, and their father, Celedonio.

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