Siblings can be the best of friends, when they are taught how.(StockXchng)
Siblings can be the best of friends, when they are taught how.

First-Aid for Sibling Rivalry

Psychologists tell us that sibling rivalries are a normal part of family life. But where do you draw the line? Some siblings are actually killing each other! How are you tackling the problem of your children fighting?

The family institution in our Western culture is in serious decline. Although many people still aspire to build a traditional family—working dad, stay-at-home mom and children—few actually experience this wonderful reality. There are specific reasons for this sad fact.

The Henley Center in the UK explains, “The decline of the family as an institution forms one of the primary symptoms of the paradox of prosperity. Significant factors contributing to family breakdown are the growing pressures of work and the pursuit of material gains. Women, in particular, consider that they have sacrificed the chance of having children or even forming relationships for the sake of their career. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to miss out on a home life due to short- or long-term work travel. Existing families are sacrificed in the same cause of putting work before family. A significant number of men and women believe they have missed their children growing up, or even blame work pressures for their divorce or other strains on relationships” (“The Paradox of Prosperity”).

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