Coming Soon: One Pure Language

August 8, 2007  •  From theTrumpet.com
The solution to the linguistic and cultural confusion that divides our world

“We didn’t cross the border! The border crossed us!” “America is a continent, not a country!” “If you think I’m ‘illegal’ because I’m Mexican, learn the true history because I’m in my homeland!”

These sayings and dozens of others like them are shouted and plastered on signs during pro-immigration marches, recited on political talk shows, spouted during debates in cities across the United States. They represent a firmly held conviction among a growing number of individuals living in the U.S.: not just that U.S. law is meaningless, but that assimilation is evil. These residents are planting foreign flags on U.S. soil, inch by inch, claiming territory through a kind of subversive cultural imperialism.

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