New Global Trend: Dump a Dollar, Buy a Euro

A trend of enormous significance for every reader: Investors the world over are beginning to pull away from the shaky dollar—and to bank instead on a young, up-and-coming currency. This is a sign of a massive economic earthquake you can expect soon!

Do you know what underpins, even drives, the global economy? It’s not the Federal Reserve Bank or any other central bank. It’s not the International Monetary Fund. It’s not a specific country. It’s not gold, oil or any other commodity. It’s not currency traders. It’s not even the almighty greenback.

What drives the economy is a force that cannot be seen—that is untouchable, intangible. It’s a phenomenon that can be shaped and molded; it’s fickle and susceptible to spur-of-the-moment change. In reality, the truth about what drives the global economy at the most fundamental level is alarming, sobering—even frightening.

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