Natural disasters plague our world today.(Index Open)
Natural disasters plague our world today.
(Index Open)

Our Dying World

October 9, 2006  •  From
Every continent on Earth is being besieged with serious and potentially catastrophic environmental disasters. Why?

One of this summer’s hottest topics has been global warming. Politicians have grafted the subject into their political platforms; the voices of the scientists declaring the advent of global warming are penetrating more minds; the mainstream media are paying the subject a lot of attention. But as the media and politicians weigh in on the subject, it has become highly contested and highly politicized.

Many politicians are probably genuinely concerned about the issue, but how many are simply using it as a political weapon to maim the opposition? Many scientists firmly believe in the detrimental impact global warming is having on our environment; other scientists don’t. How serious is the problem? Politics has clouded the issue so much that answering this question has become incredibly difficult.

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