Is the military a man’s job?(U.S. Army)
Is the military a man’s job?
(U.S. Army)

Should Women Soldiers Serve in Combat?

May 12, 2006  •  From
The majority of Americans say no—but whether or not they realize it, it is the reality of the modern battlefield. Does it help military effectiveness, or cripple it?

The single most transformative change in the United States military over the past century—particularly the past generation—has been the massive expansion of the woman’s role.

Has this helped the effectiveness of America’s forces? The official line is yes—or, at least, that it certainly hasn’t hurt. Whether or not you believe that, the metamorphosis of America’s all-male warrior military into an almost completely sex-integrated force has only occurred because of a lot of buried facts, wishful thinking, duplicity, doublespeak and deliberate deceit.

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