Broken Will—Broken Soldiers

Why is morale in the U.S. military so low? Why are suicides among servicemen so high? The state of the armed forces is a telling measure of the state of the nation.

Good soldiers win wars. During World War ii, America’s soldiers proved themselves winners—the best in the world in skill, personal sacrifice and valor. Using sophisticated and superior weaponry, American soldiers played a large part in making the United States the world’s only superpower.

Considering the stunning victories of World War ii, it is embarrassing to recognize that America has not won a major conflict since 1945: Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Afghanistan, Iraq. U.S. troops deployed to fight in foreign, inhospitable places and climates returned home not as victors, but depending on the conflict, as escapees from draws, failed nation builders, pistol-whipped policemen, flawed security forces, or beaten-down counterinsurgents.

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