Vltava River, Prague, Czech Republic(kruhme/flickr)
Vltava River, Prague, Czech Republic

Czechoslovakia Respected Herbert W. Armstrong

January 12, 2013  •  From theTrumpet.com
CEDOK’s Vaclav Pleskot and Jaroslav Gebert wanted the Feast of Tabernacles in Brno.

Herbert W. Armstrong’s first visit to Czechoslovakia occurred midway through 1985, about six months before his death. Located in Central Europe, the country has its modern origins dating back to late 1918 after its declaration of independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. During World War ii, Adolf Hitler, eager for lebensraum, split the country and ordered its inclusion as part of Nazi Germany. Then, during the mid-1940s, its land was seized by the Soviets. It remained a Communist state through the late 1980s.

The unofficial ambassador for world peace took a short flight from Paris to Prague, initiated at the request of Jaroslav Gebert, a representative of the Czech government adjunct responsible for travel of foreigners, events and conventions.

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