Herbert W. Armstrong (left) and President Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya(PT)
Herbert W. Armstrong (left) and President Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya

Herbert W. Armstrong: Co-Founder of Kenyan University of Agriculture and Technology

November 13, 2012  •  From theTrumpet.com
Remembering the humanitarian work of Jomo Kenyatta, and the world’s unofficial ambassador for peace and his 15 sons from the Japanese Diet

On the morning of Aug. 22, 1978, while sleeping at the State House in Mombasa, father of the nation President Kenyatta died. That very day, Herbert Armstrong recollected, “I had visited with him … at his office in the State House in Nairobi and the better part of the whole day at his residence 35 miles outside Nairobi. … We had luncheon at his home with members of his family. He conducted us on a tour through a suburban self-help hospital, which he had built. He was, as am I, a staunch believer in helping others to help themselves—to help them get on their own feet so they can make their own way, rather than supporting others outright in pure charity while they do nothing to help themselves.

“Through the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation, we had undertaken to join with President Kenyatta in founding in Kenya a self-help school to help reduce the illiteracy of the country. He was apparently just my age—86, though he did not know his exact birth date. He was a very close friend—like two close brothers with Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia.”

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