Loaf of fresh baked multigrain bread with grain ears(Elenathewise/iStock)
Loaf of fresh baked multigrain bread with grain ears

Eat Whole

Does your diet include this simple ingredient? The health benefits are too great to ignore!

Why is healthy eating so complicated? One month, a product is heralded as the latest miracle food, the must-have for every diet. The next, it’s a leading cause of cancer. Never has so much been written about diet. And never has bad diet been so widespread.

Straight out of science fiction have come edible substances grown in labs and dispensed from machines, formulated to be convenient, taste great and make a profit. Yet these concoctions—margarine, high-fructose corn syrup, refined flour, etc.—are huge failures. They may taste good, but they are destroying our health. Diet-related diseases like diabetes and heart disease are more common than ever. A third of Americans are overweight, and another 36 percent are obese. The link between our diet and these diseases has been shown to be quite strong.

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