What real compassion for the poor looks like 


How war in the north will differ from Israel’s recent battles in Gaza
The biggest question in Europe may soon be answered: Who controls Europe?
What really constitutes Europe’s greatest threat?
The fight to legalize same-sex ‘marriage’ may be about over.
Economic and military spycraft is shifting the international balance of power.
The backlash of anti-immigration protests in Germany takes on more violent, more religious overtones.
The Key of David
Your Bible shows that the two greatest crises in this end time revolve around a physical building.
Is the Roman Catholic Church trying to establish a strategic foothold 90 miles from American soil? And if so, why?
January 29, 2015  •  27 minutes
Britain was on the brink—and then came a godsend. What about now?



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What real compassion for the poor looks like 

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Lessons from a failed socialist water program in Detroit apply well beyond the city limits.

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Many history books gloss over the “Christian Crusades.” Here’s why that is dangerous.