The Vatican and Germany already have a disturbing level of control over the European Union. The religious and political sides of the resurrection of an ancient empire are forming fast.


Can institutionalizing racism to solve a ‘racism’ problem really work?
Wake up, Australia. Your immigration policy is not working.
November’s elections in the U.S. brought Republicans big victories. Has hope and change finally come to America? 
From the fringes to the mainstream
Germany: a country with a grown-up foreign policy 
What do you think would make you happier in the long term: winning the lottery—or permanently losing use of your legs in an accident? The answer may surprise you. 
The Key of David
Why God’s Church has watched for the resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire for more than 50 years
The true meaning of a pivotal biblical prophecy that has confused people for millennia.
Racism is an issue Americans fear to face. But racism is about to violently explode. The good news is that it will lead directly to the end of racism forever.
December 19, 2014  •  21 minutes
The thread that ties together this week’s most dramatic news, and what it means for the future



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It’s what Christ’s followers are commanded to do.

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You may not be aware of it, but it wants to run your life! What is it? You need to identify it so you can whip it into submission. Because once tamed, it actually makes a great companion!

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The national debt just topped another dangerous milestone.